September 24th, 2022

Congratulations to the 333 CryptoCitizens that will receive a CryptoMexa minting appointment this November at NFT ART CDMX!

If your CryptoCitizen won, you must schedule your minting appointment before the claim window closes on October 14th. Below are the claim windows for each airdrop group.

  • Airdrop winner claim window: 23/09/2022 - 14/10/2022

  • Waitlist claim window: 15/10/2022 - 28/10/2022

To see if your Citizens were selected, connect your wallet to the Bright Moments Portal. Good luck!

The Bright Moments Residence Series is a web3 artist-in-residence program. The goal of the series is to provide an accessible way for IRL gallery visitors to mint generative art and empower our residence artists to present experimental projects in a novel way: minted and revealed IRL at Bright Moments galleries around the world.

Bright Moments started in Venice Beach by giving away our DAO membership token, the CryptoVenetians, for free. The beginning of the project is very close to our hearts and we hope to continue the magic of introducing people to the world of generative art.

Residence Series collections are open-edition and can only be minted IRL at a Bright Moments gallery.

Residence artists receive:

Bright Moments is proud to present NFT ART CDMX: a 7-day celebration of generative art in the heart of Mexico City from November 14 - 21.

  • Nocturnal minting of 3,000+ on-chain generative artworks, a celebration of death and the afterlife, memento mori

  • An exhibition of contemporary Mexican NFT art

  • Daytime educational programming focused on onboarding local and emerging artists into generative art via hands-on workshops

  • Talks and intimate sessions with artists and collectors shaping the future of generative art

  • Local cuisine banquets for guests and minters

NFT ART CDMX will feature several opportunities for IRL minting, including:

Congratulations to the 333 CryptoCitizens that will receive a CryptoLondoner minting appointment this July.

If your CryptoCitizen won, you must schedule your minting appointment before the claim window closes on June 29th. Below are the claim windows for each airdrop group.

  • Airdrop winner claim window: 02/06/22 to 14/06/22
  • Waitlist claim window: 15/06/22 to 29/06/22

To see if your Citizens were selected, connect your wallet to the Bright Moments Portal. Good luck!

Bright Moments bridges the gap between physical and digital experiences. We believe that being physically present during the creation of art is the most powerful way to connect artists and their communities.

Since starting as a group of volunteers in Venice Beach California, the Bright Moments DAO has grown into an international organization with thriving communities in the Metaverse, Venice Beach, New York, and Berlin. Our next city, London, will be the fifth city and halfway point of our ten-city roadmap.

In each city we visit, we collaborate with artists to bring their concepts to life through unforgettable events and unique minting experiences.

In Venice, we worked with Aaron Penne & Boreta to create Rituals, an immersive and meditative experience that took place over a 50-hour minting marathon.


“MORE POWER IN THE LOWERED NUMBERED TOKENS - holders who pay more for a token have a higher chance of receiving a piece they want; an aesthetic favorite, a rare one, or an emergent grail.” - Ben Kovach

Bright Moments presents 100 Print by Ben Kovach - a new generative Art Blocks Playground collection and exhibition in our Soho New York City gallery this May.

100 PRINT will be 100 generative pieces that are pre-minted with physical prints displayed on-site in a two day (May 18 - 19) private event for Draft Pick holders. Token holders will claim their piece in order of their Draft Pick, from lowest token ID to highest token ID. Each collector will also receive a signed and framed print of their selected piece.

What. A. Year!

Bright Moments was created one year ago, on-chain, as a Wyoming DAO. From a single brick wall with three screens underneath the Venice sign, to a journey Around The World In 10,000 NFTs, we have formed the nucleus of something very special.

All that, and we’re just getting started!

March 12th, 2022
NFT Art Berlin: Bright Moments @ Kraftwerk April 6-23
NFT Art Berlin: Bright Moments @ Kraftwerk April 6-23

Bright Moments @ Kraftwerk

NFT Art Berlin is an extraordinary synthesis of art and electronic music that the Bright Moments DAO will present inside of Berlin’s iconic former power plant Kraftwerk. Every night, hundreds of new NFTs will be minted and revealed to a live audience in a monumental setting. The evening will climax with an audiovisual techno crypto symphony. Come join us, and lose yourself in the world of NFTs!

Here is what you need to know about minting CryptoBerliners, the Berlin Collection drop, and our NFT Art Berlin experience:

Congratulations to the 80 CryptoGalacticans that will receive a recovered CryptoVenetian.

In December, BRT holders voted on proposal BRT-3 to distribute the recovered Venetians. As part of that distribution, 80 CryptoVenetians were reserved for airdrop to CryptoGalactican holders.

Bright Moments used our Random Collector Selector process (detailed below) to determine the CryptoGalactican token ids selected to receive a CryptoVenetian. 37 unique wallets are eligible to claim a CryptoVenetian.*

We will be airdropping CryptoVenetians to all winning wallets. Before initiating the airdrop, a member of the Bright Moments team will reach out to confirm that the wallet is still active. If there are unclaimed CryptoVenetians, then a standby list will be used to create the next airdrop group. The claim window closes at 12p PST on 3/4.

CryptoCitizens, it’s time to vote.

Beginning with the first CryptoCitizen minted at Bright Moments in Venice Beach, the community has grown, person by person, one generative reveal at a time. Throughout this process, it’s been clear that the talent, passion, and creativity within our community is our most valuable resource.

In order to unlock this potential, CryptoCitizens must become members of the Bright Moments DAO.

This means expanding membership in the DAO to include all present and future holders of CryptoCitizen NFTs. It means developing a governance system that enables us to make collective decisions. It means minting 10,000 CryptoCitizens, together and in-person, over the next two years.

Auction is live at 12 PM PT at link below:

This Friday, Jan 14 at 12 PM PT, Bright Moments is dropping 50 Mint Packs through a dutch auction. A Mint Pack is a single NFT that when redeemed, unlocks 6 Founding Citizen Golden Tokens (FCGT) for City 5 -10 and 1 CryptoGalactican mint. Founding Citizen Golden Token holders will have preferential scheduling for the first 50 mints of the city's collection during an exclusive opening night event.

The Mint Pack drop solidifies our commitment to grow the Bright Moments DAO to 10,000 CryptoCitizens by the end of 2023. Additionally, the Mint Pack rewards the holder with one CryptoGalactican mint, giving the holder the ability to mint a CryptoCitizen from all 10 locations.

January 7th, 2022

Congratulations to the 333 CryptoCitizens that will receive a Golden Token Berlin to mint a CryptoBerliner this April at the Kraftwerk IRL event.

If your CryptoCitizen won, you must claim your Golden Token Berlin NFT below before the claim window closes. If there are unclaimed Golden Tokens, then a standby list will be used to create the next airdrop group. Below are the claim windows for each airdrop group.

  • Airdrop #1: 1/05 to 1/21
  • Airdrop #2: 1/24 to 2/4


Bright Moments has recovered 240 of the stolen CryptoVenetians from the August heist. BRT holders approved a snapshot proposal to distribute the recovered Venetians as follows:

  • 80 reserved for the benefit of the Venice Beach IRL community
  • 80 to be randomly distributed to CryptoGalactican holders
  • 80 to be sold to fund the project roadmap

This distribution process will begin immediately with the sale of 40 CryptoVenetians to the Flamingo DAO.

Official Drop Link | Friday, Nov 19 12 PM ET

On Friday, November 19th, Bright Moments will be introducing the CryptoNewBerliners collection by releasing 200 Golden Token Berlin (GTBR) minting spots. Holders of the GTBR ERC-721 token will be entitled to schedule a IRL-only minting session during Spring 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

CryptoBerliners will be a 1000 Art Blocks generative art NFT collection, minted in-person (IRL) only at Bright Moments Gallery in Berlin. This collection will be expanding the Bright Moments DAO to 4,000 CryptoCitizens and will be our 3rd city expansion.

Golden Token Option | Incomplete Control

On Friday, Nov 5th, 50 Golden Token Options to redeem a Golden Token | Incomplete Control mint pass at 15 ETH or a 50% discount of the Dutch Auction sell-out price of 30 ETH were distributed as follows:

  1. 24 options will be randomly distributed to Fidenza NFT holders.
  2. 23 options will be randomly distributed to CryptoCitizen NFT holders (i.e CryptoVenetians & CryptoNewYorkers)
  3. 2 options will be distributed to the Bright Moments DAO Treasury
  4. 1 option will be distributed to Tyler Hobbs

The option to redeem a Golden Token for 15 ETH expires this Friday, Nov 19th at 7:17 PM ET. Any unclaimed redemptions will be given to the stand-by winners listed below.

November 3rd, 2021

Golden Token Option | Reflections

Winning a Golden Token Option | Reflection NFT allows you to redeem a Golden Token mint pass for the Reflections minting event on November 18th. These Option tokens allow you to redeem a Golden Token | Reflections at a 50% discount of the Dutch Auction sell-out price of 1 ETH that occurred on Oct 29th.

Reflections is an Art Blocks Playground project by Jeff Davis that binds collectors to the generative work at the moment of its creation by revealing and minting the 100 pieces individually in-person (IRL) at Bright Moments. The Reflections event will be hosted at Bright Moments Gallery in New York City over a two day event on November 18th and 19th, 2021.

More info on the project can be found here:

Today we are introducing a new model of governance: the Bright Moments DAO will be constituted entirely of 10,000 non-fungible-- but equal-- CryptoCitizens.

From Millions of the Same Thing to Thousands of Different Things

  • The Bright Moments DAO has approved a transition to adopt NFTs as its governance mechanism.
  • Each of our CryptoCitizens (CryptoVenetians, CryptoNewYorkers, CryptoBerliners...) will become equal members of the Bright Moments DAO.
  • The holders of our 10 million non-fungible ERC-20 tokens, called BRT, will mint a new collection of 1,000 generative NFTs on ArtBlocks, called the CryptoGalacticans.  These NFTs will not be minted IRL, but rather in the Bright Moments Metaverse.

CryptoCities need CryptoCitizens

October 15th, 2021

50 tickets available via Dutch Auction on Fri Oct 22, 2021 at 12p ET via this link:

August 28th, 2021

Aaron Penne x Boreta @ Bright Moments
Aaron Penne x Boreta @ Bright Moments

a collaboration of Aaron Penne, Boreta, and Bright Moments

Note: The direct sale of 120 GTNY (Golden Token: New York) was completed on August 30. If you wish to buy a live IRL minting slot to RITUALS, you can do so in the secondary market on OpenSea here.

August 17th, 2021


  • Willy Wonka had Golden Tickets.  We have Golden Tokens.
  • We have minted 1,000 GTNY (Golden Tokens New York) that provide a guaranteed reservation to mint a unique CryptoNewYorker NFT IRL at Bright Moments pop-up gallery this fall in New York City.  
  • We are selling 200 of these GTNY for 2 ETH each, with a limit of one token per wallet address.
  • This will be the only opportunity for the public to purchase GTNY.  The remaining 800 tokens will be given to a carefully chosen group of people that reflect the values that we want to establish in our genesis CryptoNewYorker mints. 
  • We will be applying the lessons we have learned from our initial CryptoVenetian series to ensure that nobody will be able to mint a CryptoNewYorker without holding one of these Golden Tokens.
  • If you are interested in joining us for this journey, please consider participating.