Hashmarks by 0xDEAFBEEF: Winners & Claiming Instructions

Hashmarks are a grid of 100 unique hand forged iron sculptures, a cryptographically linked set of digital tokens, and a site specific happening in Patagonia.

As part of our token distribution, we reserved 40 tokens for giveaway to the Bright Moments and 0xDEAFBEEF collector community. This post includes the wallet address of the winners, claiming instructions, deadlines, and details on the probabilistic selection process.


Congratulations to those who were selected to receive a Hashmark mint pass. Winners have until November 15th, 2023 to claim their tokens via the Bright Moments website.

  • 0x0A7669015fEf82F5136c9a2E44E1eCbD2a5AEC19

  • 0x14ae8100Ea85a11bbb36578f83AB1b5C1cFDd61c

  • 0x0CaBab448FF897EdeF2013C6F7da320E83e9F2C3

  • 0x919c882fae7d03B8dbDb5aE6dd0F500120E1521b

  • 0x14ae8100Ea85a11bbb36578f83AB1b5C1cFDd61c

  • 0xBdE2dDC49A2e6827300fAa6afC93d572114a60B1

  • 0x5c385AdbbcE2892D61C75eEda8679b373338F610

  • 0xE68596603d6cA371B1a6e264d4F20645822a018b

  • 0x2641970F538794Cc96fDe7d1C6f967CF111ea9A9

  • 0x65Ba4f92D7DFA813DdBd849D9Faf38a723Dd9b12

  • 0x87efaE443A5b6843e59Ae4333090Daa3c582c5fF

  • 0xAf1C0bace177288e0eBC8956242b30ede92111bC

  • 0x14ae8100Ea85a11bbb36578f83AB1b5C1cFDd61c

  • 0x6673fA9feb3e5CF4f5a639b0322bC96e191EBbF6

  • 0x5b62aEf434178baAd3525B91e022EDa48583573A

  • 0x78089705ED807984cF3EDf9149c9369e8FABB9BE

  • 0x4b5C048444a893013ec75754B52937ee6E56F2d3

  • 0x5b6a8b298daBa526EcB7F51a517dF1fC26098327

  • 0x1e8E749b2B578E181Ca01962e9448006772b24a2

  • 0x5b62aEf434178baAd3525B91e022EDa48583573A

  • 0x5b62aEf434178baAd3525B91e022EDa48583573A

  • 0xAf1C0bace177288e0eBC8956242b30ede92111bC

  • 0xBfBE737cdAB2d669fe6B3Bda2353AA6Ee35D2E85

  • 0x4b5C048444a893013ec75754B52937ee6E56F2d3

  • 0xB66CBB8FAFa85a43A31E4BF72d9226eB4E2AF3e6

  • 0x40EDB3A1d959c927b5113b5a4F803443f552F006

  • 0x79Db3dc52BB78F3611402ff5C2CfF90c3Fe14659

  • 0x02a5c980029cB470Ac89Df2E2de1CF453aEE6558

  • 0x4A0833202F399e27d8E6AF4388ac36af07f043D8

  • 0xa3c277b8f35881cbdb017e52bcc376b3ce8f21da

  • 0x183AbE67478eB7E87c96CA28E2f63Dec53f22E3A

  • 0xE301612b0751f6D862a27BE205fb8e3c40c8C6db

  • 0xDf5B0E3887Ec6cb55C261d4bc051de8dbF7d8650

  • 0x87bf447ac29ba9498e5c0859513c39a0931f303a

  • 0x34a32Ad4Ba1EA1eB02CCd3ed5B9af9a8D8ea07A8

  • 0xf47ff49820805577bC6dF1c636382564dFA0a791

  • 0x99e2e69F98b164c399Cc12D8382a82135EeA6364

  • 0x0F0eAE91990140C560D4156DB4f00c854Dc8F09E

  • 0x17fFe0B00ff5194827b69E469BD938be59c1B10c

  • 0x98727b47E99707874C41c217De7a2E512B9517Df

Claiming Instructions

Deadlines to be aware of

  • Digital mint passes must be claimed by November 15th, 2023

  • Any unclaimed mint passes after November 15th will be returned to the Bright Moments DAO

  • Bright Moments and 0xDEAFBEEF reserve the right to distribute unclaimed mint passes

How to claim

  • If your wallet is listed above, visit https://app.brightmoments.io/claim and connect to the website

  • Claim your token by submitting an onchain transaction

  • If you don’t see your mint pass after claiming, check the hidden folder on OpenSea

Redemption instructions

  • Mint passes can be redeemed for physical Hashmarks at eligible Bright Moments galleries (e.g. New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, CDMX)

  • A fixed number of physical Hashmarks will be available at each eligible Bright Moments gallery

  • To schedule a redemption appointment, email contact@brightmoments.io and coordinate a pickup time

  • Mint pass redemptions will be available at eligible Bright Moments galleries until April 2024. After the redemption window has closed, physical Hashmarks will be returned to the artist and further details will be provided about the redemption process.

Random Collector Selector Process

The following steps were followed to determine the 30 winners for the Bright Moments community raffle.

Snapshot: A snapshot of Golden Token Holders was taken on Monday October 2nd around 12p PT. 29 Hashmarks were raffled to Golden Token holders. In addition, the first 50 bidders for the Hashmark auction were eligible to win one Hashmark.

Snapshot Data: Snapshot data can be independently verified and has been uploaded to IPFS at these hashes:

Random Number Generator: Our Random Collector Selector smart contract was used to generate the winning numbers using Chainlink VFR (Verifiable Random Function). The on-chain transactions can be found here:

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