Venice to Venice

Bright Moments couldn’t have started anywhere but Venice Beach, California…

When we opened our first gallery on Windward Ave underneath the Venice sign, we had no idea that we were taking the first steps on a journey around the world. That summer is part of our DNA: the first shows in our sandy gallery, the daily ritual of CryptoVenetian minting, and The Heist that propelled us from our home in Venice Beach to New York City.

Bright Moments was founded as a DAO. Many of our most important decisions have been guided by our members and recorded on-chain. However, some decisions, such as starting with Venice, New York and then Berlin, were made by a small group of people who had strong convictions.

As we prepare for Tokyo– our seventh city on the roadmap– we can see the end of our journey on the horizon. The goal of 10,000 governing CryptoCitizens, with a SubDAO in each city, now feels achievable.

Most of our work at Bright Moments is focused on decentralization: empowering our holders to vote on-chain. London, Mexico City, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires were all chosen by our community. We don't know where we will be minting next February for City #9, but we are confident our citizens will choose the right location. 

Despite our increasingly decentralized footprint, however, there is one choice that feels pre-ordained: completing our journey in the city of our namesake: Venice, Italy.

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