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Per the Bright Moments CryptoNewYorker distribution plan, the CryptoCitizen community is voting on which nominees should receive a GTNY. Guidelines found at:
Voting ended 12/28/2021
Vote for nominees who should receive a GTNY. Nominees require at least 10 votes to be eligible to win. 5 votes per CryptoCitizen.
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Carlos D

Been following bright moments for a few months. Been very excited to join community. Love what you’re building and the vibes around here. I live and breathe BM

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Kristen K

Heyyo CryptoNY community! Nothing about me can be summed up by “a little bit”. I’ve lived a lot of lives in my short 35 yrs that comes with unique experience and perspective. From gogo dancer, to bank teller; bartender to Fine jewelry Merchandiser I’ve done it all. There’s no situation you can throw at me I won’t try to figure out and I’m a glutton for new information. I’m a Central NY native & have been seeking all the experiences here in NYC since 2010. I’m never sick of waking up here & diving into the streets for inspiration, stories and tattoos from Smith Street. I work to travel, get tattooed and take care of my rescue doggie Timmy. If I’m chosen for this CrypNY I’ll bring my upstate work ethic with that Bing Bong energy!!!

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Kevin B

CNY Qualifications:

  1. Born and raised in the NY Metro Area. NY Red Bull season ticket holder since 2008.

  2. My goals for being in the NFT space include: a) join great projects/communities and hold for the long term. b) make my NFT portfolio reflect my vision for the future. c) learn and grow as an individual along with the community. I believe that bright moments checks these marks by uniquely blending NFTs, on chain generative art, and real life minting experience to grow a tight knit community that I aspire to be a part of.

  3. I’m an active member in SquiggleDAO. Part of our mission is growing the prevalence of NFTs ans generative art in our culture. This alights with BMs mission and would allow for great networking of ideas. Would be awesome to do some sort of collaboration some day.

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Boyoung K

Crypto New Yorkers / CryptoCitizens were the first NFT project that I could see myself in. I’ve loved visiting the IRL galleries in Venice and NYC, and I want to continue to immerse myself in and be an evangelist for the community as BM goes around the world. I’m particularly excited about the potential Seoul expansion 👀👀

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Elio N

I’m Elio, I’ll be 3 months old next week! My mom is a born and bred Berliner. My dad and her moved to nyc in 2018 and I was made there, but born in Venice in September. I have never wanted to be part of a community this bad! My parents say I have diamond hands, but I don’t know what that means tbh. I’ll also be bilingual in English and German so let me know if you need help for the Berliners ✌️

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Mark W

Im nominating my friend Mark Winkel

He has been a world class event producer in NYC for years and honestly I think he would bring some extraordinary perspective to bright moments NYC.

Im Airloom on discord if you want news articles or pictures or to say hi

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Slavalava .eth

I am Slavalava, a fellow adventurer in the jungles of time and space. The mission of my heart, is that all can live in grace. Foolish enough to believe it can be done.Wise enough to know it will take many fools.
My fools. I know that they are out there. Born in Brooklyn, my flesh a New Yorker, my soul galactic. This truth led the escape from the closed community of my youth. Where female perspective is unseen and unheard. I carry a sweetness and wisdom that is rare. I long to share. As each galactic ship docks in New York, I arrive to greet it. Encapsulated in these words, the sonic beam of my heart. As you read this, can you feel it? Flash your heart-beam. I will delight in our happy reunion IRL on December 31, 2021. With Love, Sxx

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Luis M

I moved to New York from Puerto Rico last year looking for new professional and personal opportunities. I had meet great people who introduced me to blockchain tech and NFTs. One thing that I notice about this space is that is not as diverse as the NYC is. I feel like is important to see more minorities in this space and that theres content that reaches that audience in a way that connects with them. I would like to be that person within this great community.

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Isabella A

GM! I’m Isabella aka ‘Izzy’. I’m a marketer by day, co-founder of the @womeninnfts twitter, and am super passionate about building the Web3 space ethically. Coming from web2, I think it’s super important to build with the long term in mind so that we aren’t repeating what we don’t like about web2. I love being part of the NFT community and part of building the future.

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Tommy M

New Yorker for 30 years ~ have called Manhattan, Brooklyn, queens and Long Island home. Lover of the funk, the punk, and all the magic moments in between. Working on a DAO with my school (alumni DAOs for the win!), NFTs in high fashion (my sister Amanda Mehl I nominated for last round of CNY sweepstake, is a Brooklyn based fashion designer), and have listed NFTs on . Exploring a generative NFTS

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Kyle M

Kyle McKeveny is a music supervisor based in New York City known for his work on films like Save Yourselves!, the Amazon documentary Long Strange Trip, and the documentary Hail Satan? which was distributed by Magnolia Pictures.

He has also music supervised commercial campaigns for many notable brands and agencies. As an experienced music licensing professional, Kyle often collaborates with composers and works with artists all over.

As a commercial producer, Kyle supports directors overseeing projects from concept through completion working with a wide range of talented teams globally.

His past experiences as a filmmaker, touring musician, and DJ often uniquely inform his approach to his craft.

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Patrick P

I am a huge supporter of nfts and cryptocurrency in general. Bought ethereum for the first time in 2017 and have been interested in the space ever since. A friend of mine onboarded me to NFTs in early 2021 and I’ve wanted to be a part of the bright moments community since seeing the release of CryptoVenetians. I grew up in New York and recently moved back up to NYC so owning a CryptoNewYorker would be a dream come true.

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Between getting my coffee and bagel from the corner deli and walking a mile a minute to intimidate the visiting tourists, I try to find time to step out of my comfort zone. NFT’s and crypto is a whole new world for me that I thought best to jump in the deep end.

While walking that thin line of being “that guy” that talks about crypto all the time and not giving financial advice, I truly believe I can be an advocate for this shift to a digital yet IRL space.

As a machine learning engineer, I believe there’s a ton left to explore for generative art.

As part of the Crypto Citizens community, I hope to bring a lot more individuals to the space and show it’s much more than just a jpeg; even though the jpeg is fire (shout-out to Qian Qian)!

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Florence A

I am a graphic designer working in the NYC metro area, who has recently discovered crypto through a family member. I've been finding myself falling into this new Alice in wonderland world of NFTs and it is large, trippy, beautiful, and fascinating. The avenues of expression are endless and I would love to be part of this world. Additionally, getting a Crypto NYC would hold a special place in my heart, being that I was born in Brooklyn, NYC. I recently went to one of your IRL mintings and have got to say the location and venue are neat. It was nice to experience an amazing process. Also, I took a look at your Crypto print flyer. Although I have to admit it's fly, I can hook you up if you need some extra help with content info flyers.

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John K

I’ve visited the Bright Moments gallery and have been impressed every time. Everyone has been exceptionally welcoming and passionate about NFTs, which is exactly how I’d describe myself. This project is the coolest I’ve come across since living in nyc and would love to spread the news about it to my community of friends who are also passionate about nfts and watch this world grow.

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Peter B

WAGMI!! I was the captain of the basketball team at Columbia University and am now a NYC founder working on a climate tech company! I live on the upper west side and am a knicks fan. Knickstape baby! Today I attended the event, and plan to go to office hours! My girlfriend Romina & I would love to be involved. I work out of the Columbia Startup Lab in Soho and can welcome any fellow DAO members to work with me!

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Tyler H

Born and raised NYC. SoHo neighbor to Bright Moments. Creator of meaningful relationships and next day hangovers. Works hard and plays hard (top 100 ranking in Halo). Developer by day, entrepreneur by night.

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David A

this is my first step into nft citizenry! time to get on board into the new of the now, let’s do it nyc!

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Cody U

I'd like to nominate my brother, Cody, the Executive Director of The American Academy of Arts & Letters in NYC. Cody is a writer and artist, but still an NFT skeptic. I believe that if my brother was part of the Crypto New Yorker family, then it would help bring him around to the legitimacy of NFTs, and help bolster the acceptance of NFTs within the greater fine art community.

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Liran Y

A native NYer, I’ve always fought for the betterment of the art culture in NY, including being one of the original team members of one of NYs underground hip hop collectives, 5 Pointz, located in LIC. Would be ecstatic to join such a community.

profile image
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Confused C

Founder of GrailersDAO

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Blair B

I’m an NYC based fashion illustrator and just created my first NFT Collection, 1,989 Sisters. Excited to encourage more women to be NFT creators and collectors!

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Matthew M

The BM NYC gallery was my first physical exposure to the NFT space and I have been hooked since. I would love to transition my career into the NFT space at some point, and I know becoming a part of the Crypto Citizen community would go a long way towards achieving that goal.

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Anjali R

With so much changing in the world, you either move with the trends or get left behind. 2021 is the start of my crypto and NFT journey and I'm super excited to see what's in store for the future.

As a recent graduate of Columbia's Masters of Public Health program and a peaked interest in blockchain technologies, I believe there is a future where healthcare and the blockchain can coexist. Healthcare records should be non-fungible tokens; a Crypto Citizen should have somewhere of storing their records on-chain right?

I'm excited to be part of a DAO to bounce these ideas around and hopefully bring them to life one day.

tl;dr: I love dogs and a snowy NYC day.

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Anthony P

My goal in the next 2 years is to convert one public company into a DAO

I work on corporate governance tools for trad fi and am well positioned to help companies adopt this new form of governance to give their communities more Say.

I believe strongly in the idea of a digital representation of “citizenship” and will glean from crypto citizens to inform the development of the corporate citizen version

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Uli B

I’m the creator of @subwaybookreview and am working on the reinvention of the literary space. I’m a big believer in the power of community and I root for all artists who make the invisible visible.

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Jonathan A

I am 20 years old, born in Egypt but grew up in NYC for the past 10 years. We moved to the USA with nothing and my parents worked 50-80 hour weeks in order to provide for our families. They provided me with opportunities that I wouldn’t have been able to have. I was able to learn about NFTs a few months ago. That experience had changed my life. I am now able to thing more critically about projects and be able to research teams and projects and find good projects to invest in. I believe in this project long term and I am looking forward to learning from other NFT enthusiasts that are a part of this project. Thank you for this opportunity.

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TruArtis M

TruArtis the voice of the La kings

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Ross C

’m such a big fan of you guys- I actually passed the Wooster exhibit randomly before I knew what it was! I’m new to the NFT space and found you guys on twitter. This seems like a close knit community, but it was out of my price range. I had to give this a shot! I would be very thankful and either way your custom service and community has already added value for me

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Mary Anne P

Digital pioneer here to build web3. I believe art + tech = magic that can make the world better.

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Romina J

Romi Studio is a space for unveiling and exhibiting the magic of Chilean art. Romina Aurora works in developing and representing artists to bridge the gap between Chilean emerging artists and the primary art market. She seeks to amplify and promote the works of these artists, facilitated by her partnership with Chilean Conexión and channeling their work to a global audience through NFTs, art fairs, cultural ventures, and cultivating a space for artist collaborations.

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Zeph F

Zeph is neighbor of mine here in brooklyn - Legendary graffiti artist, painter, designer, creator. Zeph is NOT a crypto native which is why i wanted to nominate him. I think it would be great to bring in more creative folks from the traditional art/creative world. Aside from his talents, Zeph is a wonderful person and would be a great creative mind to add to the pool of creative talents already doing work at Bright Moments.

His work and bio speak on his behalf better than I can. see link below

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Harrison Z

I’m a semi pro soccer player and I absolutely love this space. I’m originally from New Zealand and I’ve introduced all my friends to NFTs the past couple of months. I’d love to join this community to contribute, be apart of the journey and watch us all go to the moon!

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Jordyn W

I work in fine art and feel very passionately about ensuring that artists get compensated properly for their work and the NFT space has made it easier to do so.

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Jessica G

I work in marketing in crypto with many different NFT and Defi projects. I also worked creatively in the entertainment space.

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Daniel G

I love nyc and think bright moments is a fantastic community for nyc artists and fans of which I would be honored to be a part

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Ziyan G

I’m a fashion designer trying to understand NFTs more and see how I can contribute :)

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Pete D

I make music and I dig your art!

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Mark H

I am an old traditionalist who wants to understand and participate in the new wave.

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Stanley P

Just moved to NY, new to crypto and NFTs.

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Marcel O

I’m super hyped. About this space cryptocitizens and the NFT space as a whole. I love tangible things, hence I love the physical manifestation of this project (the gallery). But yeah, I’m a philosophy student (B.A.) and do animation videos on the side which I could contribute to the community.

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Michael S

Been a life long collector of sports memorabilia and am new and super intrigued by the NFT space. Love the collectibles culture + community dynamic it presents.

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Simon R


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Elliot H

I have been very passionate about NFTS and the crypto space for over a year and a half now. I love everything web 3 has to offer. Would love to be apart of a dao looking t

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Jill H

I am new to NFTS but love art and inclusiveness. I would love to be apart of a vibrant community like this

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Ricardo J

My name is Shaman RickI am an original Venice Beach California graffiti artist I’m also very involved with the NFT movement in California and New York..I am a personal friend of Greg Cyps!!!

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Karl B

I think I can orange pill anyone without being annoying

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Griffin L

I’m a native Greenwich village New Yorker and have an affinity towards making art, and crypto accessible to the average artist and person. I am fine art appraiser and worked at Christie’s and have always been passionate about making art, history and Musuems fun and not a boring experience. Art and culture should be fun and not boring.

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Lucas L

I run a Gallery in Tribeca- Het von Ulsen. Am starting Proteus DAO to invest in various projects in the crypto and NFT space. Would like to be a part of what is going on here

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Jacob P

I work in film TV - I can talk to the still and moving image

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Kenneth C

Growth Marketer by day. Recently got into the space and trying to learn as much as possible! Born and raised in Brooklyn.

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Connor A

New comer to the NFT and DeFi space wanting to be apart of the community. Chill guy who wants to help build the community with genuine intention.

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Kenny A

I'm a designer/ artist interested in creating NFTs

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Tommy M

Born in Brooklyn descended from Irishers and Italiani first crypto experience was in the East Village in the 80s

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Eric D

New to the city. New to NFTS. Excited to learn with the community

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Joshua Y

I'm a software engineer with additional interest in graphic design. I'm interested in contributing to web3 from a technical and creative aspect - whether it be through design or code.

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Shahrukh L

I’m very new to the industry but loving everything I’m learning!

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Cadmo M

I am a born and raised New Yorker. I have lived in every borough except for Staten Island and been a serial entrepreneur and local business owner always representing NYC regardless of where I am

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Keury M

The members are what give a community the value. I believe in what this community stands for. Also it never hurts to have someone with diamond hands part of your ecosystem ! The nft space is the future and I can’t wait to be apart OG a great project like this one. With an amazing road map !

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Gaurav J

I am in the crypto space for the last 10 years.

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Jonathan F

Born raised and currently living in The Bronx. I have a local business and trying to take my friends and family into the meta verse

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Julian P

Im very passionate about cryptocurrencies and nfts

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Jordi S

Big holder in GAMING AND ART NFTS. Learning and participating in different nft conferences in MYC and Miami.

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Chanakya G

I like to learn.

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Nicole C

I am very open and adaptable individual in any field. Current holder of ethereum and certain blockchain. Willing to learn and work with new communities.

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Aishan Z

I’m an art collector based in nyc and would like yo get involved with nfts and community.

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Shushu X

I am a world citizen and love traveling and connecting people around the world. Love the city NFT idea!! Also I use hypnosis technique to help people expand their consciousness and get a better experience of the now moment.

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Vicky G

I was born and raised in New York and growing up here has made me have a huge appreciation for art and culture. I believe community to be at the core of all big things and I’d love to contribute in whatever ways I can.

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Sameer A

AR/VR tech founder. Crypto maximalist. NFT holder. Artist

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Miaad L

I’m a creative, Art & NFT collector entering this new fascinating world!

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