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Voting ended 10/12/2021
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Kevin M | “All cops are bad cops.” It’s a saying that floats around often these days. Watching my friend Kevin read and hear the things people are saying about him, is gut wrenching. People that have no idea who he is, or what he’s been through. In 2018, on the night of Halloween, Kevin was one of the heroic NYPD officers responsible for stopping the Manhattan bike path terrorist attack. He was the first responder on scene, apprehending a man who killed 8 New Yorkers and could have killed many more. First responders put their lives on the line to protect the NY community. Kevin epitomizes, New York tough. He epitomizes that even though we New Yorkers look tough, if you try messing with one of us, we won’t stand it. We’ll fight back stronger, we fight back together and we always have each other’s backs.

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Joseph P | Joseph is the quintessential New Yorker. He lives blocks away from the gallery and has lived in NY his whole life. Raised in Brooklyn in an orthodox Jewish community Joseph didn’t know much of the outside secular world. In his 20s he moved over the bridge into TriBeCa and has been on the island ever since. You can catch him riding around on his Vespa or hosting Shabbat dinners at his house. No one has been to New York until they’ve met Joseph

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Claire F | 92 year old New Yorker, born during the 1929 Great Depression. Retired inner city NYC school teacher who loved her students. Staying up with technology as best as she can, FaceTiming grandsons, facebooking far away friends, and of course trying to learn about NFTs. Still uses an email address however ; ). She would love to come to the gallery and entertain everyone with her fabulous life stories.

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Jessica V | Jessica is the sweetest person I’ve ever had the chance to meet in New York and I’ve lived here my entire life. She is an up and coming artist that is just getting started and I know she would love to be a part of this community. She has the biggest heart ever and I’m not just saying that. She has spent many years volunteering at homeless shelters and helping underprivileged youth in their journey to better themselves. She currently works in a retirement home working to help the elderly and scheduling their activities. She could have done something else for the money but she is focused on helping people and to me that makes her one of the best people I know and more than deserving of a nomination. I have been trying to get her in the NFT space for a long time but money has been a huge barrier for her. This ticket would help her more than you could possibly know and it would mean the world to me to. I know she would love to take part in this community and if you chose here I promise you she would do anything in her power to help out. I truly love this community and it would mean the world to me if you selected Jessica!

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Andy Milanokis | Andy is a lifelong New Yorker, well known celebrity and most importantly a recent entrant into NFTs. He is someone I follow who is really taking the time to learn the space, engage with real people and actually take his lumps on things like high gas, failed txns, etc. I can get in touch with him and he is the perfect person for this

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Pam L | Pam is an important part of the New York community. She truly cares about the NYC community and helping out those who most need it. During the pandemic, she started an organization called Helpers for COVID-19 to help keep the elderly and immunocompromised safe. She gradually built an organization of volunteers who with her work together to provide deliveries of food and other essentials to those who needed it most. She contributed to many parts of the organization—the building of the website (, gathering volunteers, partnering with organizations, spending whole days delivering food to people, and using the instagram to spread awareness. In her most recent endeavor with the other volunteers, she used donations to buy food, socks, feminine products, cleaning wipes and more to distribute to over 200 homeless people all around the city, who have been one of the groups disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Besides her work in this organization, she also teaches health education to high schoolers in underfunded schools to try to combat the disparities in education that exist. Furthermore, she is part of another organization that was initially launched at the start of the pandemic. It’s called the University Blood Initiative. As a responder for the national team, and now as Vice President at her college chapter, she is always trying to raise awareness about the need for blood donations, especially from minority communities to support patients with sickle cell and thalassemia, a majority of whom are from certain BIPOC groups. These are just some of the many ways in which she volunteers her time to different groups and settings all around NYC—a hospital, a local pharmacy, younger students in her school being others she dedicates her time to. All of this, while balancing the rigorous demands of being a premedical student. Pam is truly the most altruistic person I know and therefore I think this gift would be a lovely way to give back to someone who gives so much to the NYC community.

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Phillip W | Phillip is my older cousin who was born in the city and has spent his entire life here. He grew up in the lower east side and now resides in the Bronx. My cousin is the definition of a true New Yorker, down to his thick accent and his disdain for Philadelphia sports teams. Through his life he was a member of the US National Guard, a hotdog stand attendant at MetLife stadium, and now currently drives a truck for Baldor. Not only is Phil the epitome of a thorough-bred New Yorker, he is also one of the most generous and willful people that you could encounter. Phil housed me free of charge when I first moved to the city to attend college. I was flat broke, scared, young and naive and he took me in with open arms and guided me through my first two years of life here. Living in this city is tumultuous enough, and I can only imagine how much more difficult it would have been without my cousin. On top of this, Phil provides for his mother who has been disabled his entire life and his 5 year old daughter who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He never uses these “setbacks” as excuses and always approaches life with a smile and a giving attitude. I cannot think of anyone else who is more deserving of this nomination. It has been a goal of mine to pay my cousin back for all he is done for me and my family, and I think this is my opportunity to do so. Thank you.

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Helen W | She has been running this organization called CAT(creative arts team) for like 30 years or so and it has 2 programs one for middle schoolers and one for high schoolers where the students learn original play making and acting and then performs multiple shows at the end of the year. The group is free to whoever signs up on a first come first serve basis and they only accept donations. The program was incredibly helpful to me and many other teenagers who had a troubled youth and definitely not the best emotional intelligence. Throughout this program we learned to be more accepting and open with ourselves as well as others and their perspectives. Personally for me the experiences cured my social anxiety and I know the program has helped many others. I strongly nominate Helen White as it is not about the money for her! She has devoted the past 30+ years of her life to her dream of helping and guiding young people.

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Yelena P | Yelena is a native/creative New Yorker, just getting into NFT collecting. Only buying pieces from small new projects that better their communities.

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Gary Vaynerchuck | 0xcC1EB18FbB5d9440c880C87840b1952Ef62d39d0 | Gary is a thriving part of the NYC ecosystem, bringing together sports, startups, and crypto, while always giving back to the community. Gary is unapologetically crass, always speaks his mind, and has the grit like any New Yorker.

0xfcc5c883aeb32fc31debdb8218bb457ba9741a48 | I nominated gary because if cryptonewyorkers is going to be as successful or more than cryptovenetians it needs a person invved who is an example of empathy and values community. gary embodies those values and could maybe value add through his reach and network. he is super deep into NFTs and is wrapping his head around the space in general. he would be a great addition to the community.

0x91B00Ce58260438da95c220eE86c05A1Eb8B24dc | He has opened me and many other individuals into the world of NFTs. Very big influence on the space and is super insightful.

0x407530d583c17e858B143940701F21B01CB73D1B | He not only has the New York energy but I’ve seen him be so kind to everyone around him. He is the New Yorker who brings people up with him

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Héctor V | Héctor was born in Spanish Harlem and has lived in NYC his whole life. One of five kids, he is the first in his family to go to college. He got his MD from Mount Sinai school of Medicine at NYU and his master’s of science from the Columbia University Mailman school of public health. Héctor was a pediatric resident and chief resident at North Shore, then a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow at New York Presbyterian Hospital. For the last 13 years he has been a pediatric attending physician at Maimonides hospital in Brooklyn. Aside from saving countless lives of NYC children, and being a total hero during COVID-19, he happens to be an outstanding guy, has a heart of gold and is a great friend. I couldn’t be more proud to nominate him.

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Richard G | Richard is one of the first Uber drivers in NYC — he’s been giving New Yorkers rides for 60 hours a week for more than 10 years straight. I met him through my job at Lyft when we were recognizing the drivers that have impacted their community the most. He’s an incredible soul and perfectly represents what New York is all about.

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@newyorknico | 0x55d23a8F1Bb1dA2556C77d0a88cd091F97536ad5 | He is always highlighting people that are true new yorkers on Instagram and people you don't normally see as celebrities. He has helped people in real need and did a great collab with Brandon from Humans Of New York recently. Really deserved recipient.

0x7fdD38f87692167beB83A83Ff73CcEb214c6dAF3 | Embodies the modern day spirit of NYC and gives back to the community however he can

0x46d91e87b1C88a3Dd468fBd74734DAd08aCEa434 | The realest out there and a man of the people

0xfd53BC95968f714218aFcAC071B0fFfEf7e15c0B | Nicknamed the "Unofficial Talent Scout of New York", Heller uses his platform to share photos, videos and stories showcasing life in New York City.

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Kyle E | Kyle would be a perfect candidate to be nominated. He was a local La native who grew up 5 minutes from Venice beach California. He moved to NYC a few years ago post college to work at Citi bank. He has been experiencing and fully ingrained himself as a typical New Yorker, but while also keeping a little of his Venice beach attitude. As a minter of CV #296 he holds the project close to his heart and hopes to be a holder of a Cryponew Yorker so they can be friend.

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Furry B | She is an interior designer and an artist (colored pencils and watercolor). She's new to the NFT space and has been living in NY for the past 5 years.

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@cryptonio123 | Seasoned NYC-based hedge fund analyst turned up-and-coming NFT enthusiast educating people on the NFT space via his newsletter and influencing/engaging in NFT discussions with his community of followers through his Twitter, particularly through his support of NYC-based and minority artists

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Jukay H | Jukay H is a lifelong New Yorker and Queens resident. He is the founder & CEO of Pursuit, whose mission is to create transformation where it’s needed most. Pursuit’s programs increase participant incomes from $18,000 to $85,000 and create leaders reflective of the diversity of our society.

After graduating from Stuyvesant High School during 9/11 and Harvard College, Jukay served as a U.S. Army officer where he commanded a rifle platoon in Iraq and earned the Bronze Star Medal. Jukay started Pursuit to impact his home communtiy of Queens, borough of immigrants and most diverse county in America.

Jukay served as the youngest member of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Transition Team and Jobs Task Force. He currently serves as a Director of the New York City Water Board, the Vice Chair of Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Partnership for New York City Foundation. Jukay is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

See NYT profiles on Jukay. He’s a hometown hero and a real one in Queens.

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Danny C | Danny C, the artist behind Creature NFT, is as strange as it gets, but as real as it gets.

We say New York is kind but not nice, but Danny is both. I was a stranger who dmed him and yet he invited me to see the studio where Creature was born. He told me about being 14, seeing the pain around him, and knowing he had to leave for the city. I watched him host Pictionary for a thousand people, and when the site crashed, I held a laptop over him while he drew out of his notebook. We talked about taking risks, being in this to make friends, and finding our voice even though it’s easier to stay quiet.

By the time I left, it was 4 am, and I felt like I’d made a friend for life. The next day I went to the Apple Store and bought an iPad so I could start drawing. Because of him, I feel like I’ve broken through a hundred mental barriers that were holding me back. I want to make art, make friends, and ride this journey with people like Danny till the wheels fall off.

I think about the waiter who sat us at dinner — I had come in my stuffy black pants and dress shirt and Danny came in with an oversized spalding tee, torn jeans, and beat up New Balances. No matter his success in the metaverse, we were sat in the worst seat in the house. And I get it — that’s the city sometimes. But he was smiling the whole time, telling me about his big dreams for the future. He just does him. That’s the city too.

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Fedna J | Fedna is a New York based artist of color who moved here from Boston 11 years ago. She started as an actress and is now a director and writer. Her first short film Murika (@murikashortfilm) premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival this year and has screened at over five festivals so far. She lives in Harlem and is a playwriting fellow at the National Black Theater there. In the coming months, her plays are expected to premiere at The Fire This Time Festival and the National Black Theater, both prestigious venues that strive to foster and bring art to communities of color. On screen, you can see her in recurring roles on FBI: Most Wanted and City on a Hill.

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Alex G | Alex is the quintessential New Yorker in that he helps those who need a hand. He runs a nonprofit called Lemontree Foods ( that helps low-income families in New York get access to food in a dignified way. He originally started a Blue Apron type service that offered subsidized meal kits to hundreds of families to make sure they could have food on the table. After running into issues around the economics of that service, he didn't give up. Instead, he pivoted to a tech-enabled SMS service to help New Yorkers find free food at food pantries and soup kitchens near them. I have some experience in the food security world having built a small online web application called SNAP Screener to allow people to check if they are eligible for food stamps, so I see him as a personal role model showing what is possible. Alex encapsulates what makes New York a special place: a genuine desire to help your neighbor, being resilient when times are tough, and an unbridled optimism that the future can be better.

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Adam L | 0x7D2f3759C6F870E8bBDaB368A7d7e158e41761EA | He’s been a die hard New Yorker for over a decade. He’s been involved with some of the largest startups in the city, been an angel investor in some high growth startups, and an earlier NFT guy. He owns a huge stable on zed run and is the definition of New York energy

0x105BE89d26F718b27971d1f2F2a4F082752fed4e | Adam is very active in the startup, crypto and specifically NFT space. He is someone I have met through NFTs and would have never met otherwise. He brings a very positive energy to groups and welcomes in new comers with huge support. I have not met someone else with his enthusiasm and kindness in the space so far.

0x34383A9f83C86Eceb3748fb89fd9be2805c8B02c | Adam has been a friend of mine in this space from the beginning. He is an active angel investor and extremely active in the NFT space. Since he got involved, he has managed a very large stable and gotten many of his startup/angel friends involved. Aside from being engaged in startups and NFTs, he is extremely knowledgeable about DeFi and has had success investing and spreading awareness about the crypto community. His personality is vibrant and approachable and he has an eager attitude towards everything he does. I believe he would be a great candidate to help build the CNY community and further spread the positive energy of Bright Moments.

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Matthew L | He's one of the founders of Origin Protocol and deeply connected in the NFT space

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Tom Sachs | Beyond being an acclaimed NYC artist, Tom has done so much to bring the nft community to the broader art community. Tom rocket factory projects was one of the first nfts that really caught my eye, and even though I failed to mint the project, I was still hooked on keeping up with the community. Much akin to the Crypto NY project, Tom combined the digital and physical art experiences with his rocket launches earlier this summer at Governors Island. I felt that captured both the NYC and NFT community, as I watched little rockets fire with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island right behind them — sharing the moment with a bunch of strangers brouvht together by both this great city and the nft community. I think that crypto New Yorkers will do something similar, and I hope that Tom can be a part of it!

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Jonathan T | 0xe525B178F1BC9c8907AFae4868F0AA74418Fa34e | Minted a Venetian

0xAA56C10495fCCB5e8D86B8D3D7Eec1347e262837 | He’s my lil homie and introduced me to NFTs

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A$AP Rocky | 1st generation New Yorker, born in Harlem, did time at Rikers, turned to music when his brother was killed, self made success in music and is now an influential icon in music, film, fashion & art. From selling drugs in Harlem, to buying a high-rise in Midtown he is an inspiration to a lot of young New Yorkers. He has already shown an interest in NFTs and would be excited to be apart of the GTNY

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Jake B | 0x670F5726E20aA5190187c65b097851e92B92f7da | He’s my big homie deadass day one new yorker who knows the best bagel spots

0x0fc84e15aeb7907a76a221169d80d3eb06cdb44b | He introduced me to the city and I’m glad to have moved here during COVID thanks to him

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Jessica Ramos | Senator Ramos represents the 13th senate district in Queens which covers the neighborhoods of Corona, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and parts of Astoria and Woodside.

I have been a long-time admirer of Jessica. We first met when she was working at the Mayor’s Office. She hadn’t run for office yet but even them, I could tell that she is passionate about creating the conditions for working families and, particularly, immigrant communities to thrive. COVID-19 hit these neighborhoods hard, Elmhurst hospital was the ground zero of the COVID response in 2020.

Born in Elmhurst to an undocumented seamstress and a printing pressman, Jessica was raised in Astoria, attended Queens public schools, and now lives in Jackson Heights with her two sons.

Jessica has also worked on a number of important labor and technology issues in the New York State Senate to ensure that there are equitable wages and access, and that technology grows inclusively in the state.

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Amaurys G | Amaurys is a Bronx community leader. He describes himself as a creative / social entrepreneur / visionary / multipotentialite and I believe he is all of those things whole heartedly. Together with his sister, he created Bronx Native, a tiny shop in the South Bronx with a powerful cause. Bronx Native is a platform that highlights and showcases all the amazing things The Bronx has to offer. They do this through art, media, apparel, events and more. They use their social platforms, physical spaces to promote Bronx businesses and people the right way. They do this through innovative and engaging methods that connect with their community in authentic and impactful ways.

Historically, The Bronx is the borough of New York that has been most ignored. It is one of the poorest districts in the nation, yet it is one of the most progressive. AOC, Sonia Sotomayor, Richie Torres, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez… these are all incredibly influential people from the Bronx who have changed the cultural and sociopolitical landscape of New York, the USA, and the world.

Amaurys is putting in the work to continue lifting up the Bronx, not just by his creative and entrepreneurial endeavors through his shop, but by investing his time into educating and exposing Bronx youth to the arts. He developed a program with the local schools to talk to kids about what it means to be from the Bronx and why they should be proud to be from the Bronx. The children then draw large letters that spell out the Bronx which are then made into tshirts for them to remember what they created as a group, and sell the tshirts to raise money for the school or charity of their choice.

His authentic passion, pride and commitment to the Bronx is why I believe he is a true New Yorker. Through creativity, major vibes, and hard work he is an inspiration to many of those kids who need those role modes to inspire them. No doubt that many of those kids will be inspired to become the next AOC or the next Sonia Sotomayor, thanks to his efforts.


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Rob Reiner | This New Yorker represents this city through his art, his persona, and his rich history. His art both transcends and is yet still tied to this great city and his work will never be forgotten. As an accomplished artist himself, I feel like he would be an excellent crypto New Yorker holder.

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Colin B | Colin moved to New York for college from his native Hawaii, and was my first boss after I graduated. He is the person who introduced me to crypto, and gives back by volunteering with NYU where he helps with career counseling for students. He is the reason I first got into crypto, and nothing to me is more New York than moving here from Hawaii and now helping the new generation of students and transplants “make it” here.

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Nancy P | Dr. Nancy P is a pediatric emergency room doctor in Manhattan. During the spring of 2020, she worked more shifts than anyone in her emergency room at treated 80% of the most extreme cases of Covid-19 in the country as NYC was ravaged by the pandemic. She is incredibly positive and brave in the face of the toughest of challenges. She is new to crypto but believes deeply in community, especially NYC, as her life long dream has been to work in emergency medicine in Manhattan. Her belief in people and connection will ensure that she is a long term hodler.

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@evlovesnyc | I have never seen a community come together like what this group did. Awe inspiring. From two people in a one room apartment to now many thousands of meals a week.

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Robert Downey Jr | I think Robert would make a perfect addition to the crypto venetians family. Especially if a custom one is made for him in an iron man suite. He is from Manhattan and this collab would be absolutely insane.

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Eru M | Eru was at Juilliard and is a Grammy-nominated internationally respected cellist. She lived in New York and has played at some of the top venues (I asked her for a list). She's a TEDx positive impact speaker and is working hard to make the world a better place. She's very kind and generous of spirit!

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Angela w | She is a social worker in a public NYC hospital that took care of Covid patients. She worked everyday during the pandemic and even contracted Covid. She is an amazing person. For her the patients and the psychical and mental well beings came before her own.

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Gabrielle b | March 2020. All hell broke loose for millions of New Yorkers, not the mention the entire world. Life was put on pause as we all huddled in our apartments or fled to our hometowns to play scrabble with our families. But for Gabby, life was much different as a nurse. Her plans for a summer wedding were cancelled. Her plans to move out of the city were cancelled. Her plans to expand her family were put on hold. And she was pulled into battle zone. Every single day, countless hour shifts, unprepared for what was to come. Our frontline health workers put everything on hold for New Yorkers so we could one day get back to our normal, squeezing into East village bars with friends, being unafraid to hug our grandmothers, not remembering the last time we carried hand sanitizers around and doing what New Yorkers do best - having a good fucking time. A few months ago gabby was finally able to get pregnant and with the rise of the delta variant she was pulled back into work, until the week before her due date. Gabby is selfless, gabby is kind, gabby is brave and gabby is the hero that makes New York the best city in the world.

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Nicholas Braun | Can’t make a Tomlette without breaking a few Greggs

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Man H | Man H. is one of the most incredible tech genius’ of our time. He is not one for the spotlight or amplification of himself, although he has tirelessly built some of our most beloved tech apps today. I think he is deserving and would be humbled to be part of this genuine community. He is compassionate, loyal and would be a spokesperson for the community. We’d be lucky to have him.

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Austin R | Austin embodies the spirit of New York. A hustler who took a risk his senior year of college (in 2017), Austin founded and scaled the newsletter the Morning Brew to be the go to daily news briefing for over 3 million readers. Austin sold MB in 2020 to Business Insider for ~$75MM. Now, he’s paying it forward, investing in early stage NYC Start-ups and serving as an advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs. He holds community events to help drive innovation and collaboration in the city. Further, he’s served as a sound board for me in organizing a 500+ person gala that we hold annually for the NY-chapter of Team IMPACT, a nationwide non-profit.

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Michael J | Jed is the epitome of a New Yorker. He's done everything from tour around the world in a band, to owning a hot dog cart, soon to retire as a teacher. I've been lucky enough to work with him the past few years. He's a great teacher and an excellent mentor to new teachers. He's been teaching music and in charge of the school band at a special needs public school in Queens New York. Its not uncommon for students who are nonverbal to sing in his class. He has a way to bring out the best in everyone. A standup guy with stories for days. He's quick, witty, but will give you the shirt off his back. New York is better with him in it.

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Jean-Pierre J | My big brother is amazing! He was born in Haiti and moved to Boston at a young age. None of my parents spoke English, but he took the reins and made sure we all received stellar educations. He himself went to Harvard and was a prosperous NY banker before he realized that his true passion and duty was to help facilitate children receiving the best education that they could. He quit his job and went to Columbia’s teacher’s college and had been working in education and mentoring the youth of New York ever since. He has been in NY for over 15 years and whenever I am near him some student or parent stops us on the street to tell him thank you. Honestly, I am so proud to call him my brother!

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Jerry Seinfeld | 0x6aCb53c066c90AcFEAD60786845887C879a92152 | Iconic NY comedian that impacted the 90’s generation

0xc42008f4aadc0b487f214d738fcdcea1d0488e9d | When NYC seemed lost and out during COVID, Jerry wrote a viral essay why for never bet against NYC. He is the epitome of NYC.

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Maria C | 0x37c636e79F7ceC1EB1C500228E29f8861eC0E692 | She curates NFT art galleries

0x55ecac5C3a1631ef2Ba35bF3596299deFe62eBCa | She is working with ArtXCode that curates generative art and represents artists. Also born and raised in NY!

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Tristyn B | Tristyn B is an up and coming artist and influencer from NYC and in my opinion is an excellent representative of New York. From his hip hop music to his always on-the-mark social commentary, Polos Instagram feed shares the best parts of New York culture and humor. He shares the funniest and realest shit all day every day.

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Mohmad N | He was born and raised in Kabul Afghanistan, and moved to New York to flee war in 1980 from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

He lived a dual life as an Afghan and as a New Yorker, experiencing the best of both worlds. To make ends meet he drove a yellow cab (which at one point FLOODED nyc) until he saved enough money to support his family, buy a house, and retire.

He bought Bitcoin in 2014, ethereum in 2016, and always held with the strongest of hands. Although he wasn’t the most tech-savvy, he realized the potential of technology to challenge the norms we see today in the world. That’s why he is able to retire in 2021 off his hard work , dedication to his family, and diamond hands!

Now that the taliban have taken control of Afghanistan 40 years since he left, he is still contributing and donating to worthy causes back at his homeland. He is my father and has had a profound influence on our lives.

He will soon touch the lives of millions of others in a positive manner, setting an authentic New York example in a New York accent. - his son, Matin Nazamy

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Ahmed A | 0xEF08D5750e58fe34D3d332DdEDb525858512906E | I choose to nominate this person as he’s my best friend and buddy who got me into both the crypto space and NFT’s. I personally don’t know anyone as passionate as him who does tons of research on the NFT’s he enjoys himself. He always goes for the drops but always comes to no avail as we’re both broke college students. I think he deserves a Crypto New Yorker as he’s a good definition of perseverance and dedication to NYC and would like him to add this NFT to his wallet.

0xD1aF32036d1587f07063A67c99A11F9681697bBb | Ahmed put me on to the NFTS, and invited to meet the wonderful team. I just got into the space and Ahmed and the team explained me the deeper meaning oft NFT’s are rather than a jpeg.

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Roshun P | 0x0f2b20acb2fd7eebc0abc3aee0b00d57533b6bd1 | He has a big influence in the crypto community both online and in NYC. He is a true new yorker

0xDA65F3A1499c734683e04EC2735951d4e378Dbca | True Crypto OG built crypto lending markets at Genesis and sick skateboarder

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@oveck | Oveck has been active in the NFT space and is one of the best artists in NYC.

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Faisal H | 0x3C75B21c1433511D91079aF8E48cFa6934B7A97E | I think the definition of a true New Yorker is one who has experienced and overcome hardship. When we think of New York, we think that it is the place where opportunities arise and where the groundwork for success for future generations are built.That is how I would describe Faisal, from early on in his life he has taken on the responsibility of providing for his family which prevented him from pursuing a lot of the things he had enjoyed. Not to mention that he was a first generation so there was extra pressure piled on. Just recently he’s been able to pick up more and more of his interests, one of which is within the NFT environment. Though he hasn’t yet built out his NFT collection, he is eager to get started. I think starting him off with an NFT that truly describes his core being would be the greatest pilot episode in his journey.

0x39D0c47C1576Dad5eF79e5E577CeB30af7AD6c72 | I nominated this New Yorker because he is a dedicated and hard working person who has overcome many obstacles that I believe a True New Yorker would have gone through. Faisal has lived in New York throughout his entire life and enjoys living in such a diverse and collective city. He spent his early ages having to provide for his family which caused him to miss out on lots of opportunities. Having an NFT would be a great opportunity for him to explore more on an interest that he came across during this pandemic. An NFT that shows the city that he loves in such unique and eye catching art will grow his love and dedication to this city much more.

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Packy M | Perfect combo of NFTs + New York. His piece "Status Monkeys" convinced a lot of people of the utility of NFTs. And this;

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Donald Trump | 0xaC1f979D69Bf528Fce34b1D1b368fF27F193dbD4 | Was a U.S. President

0xD31F23F88fb3db811B019Ed9EcF3D7D593c90415 | The Trump Tower in NYC is a stamped landmark.

0x7dB851d47D28015CA4107eBcF3DB78E2A274A956 | He is an influential New Yorker and former president.

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Ansem C | He put me onto crypto in general and Bright Moments gallery in particular is from Brooklyn himself. As he introduced me to NFTs and shares lots of information on twitter, I think he deserves a GTNY.

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Gonzalo C | Gonzalo is one of my best friends going back to high school, and eventually we moved to NYC together in 2012. Since landing in NYC, Gonzalo has embodied what it means to be a New Yorker - he’s entrepreneurial and self-reliant (having started a successful podcasting business), a connector of people who constantly seeks new experiences (having formed a large community of diverse and influential art, music, and broader culture enthusiasts), and - despite being fully engrossed in the NYC hustle - is extremely generous with his time, advice, and friendship. We both fell in love with NFTs around the same time but through different avenues - me through poker > DFS > Bitcoin > defi, and him through a love of technology, art, and community - and he has been instrumental to the growth and enthusiasm of myself and countless other New Yorkers in the space. As an example, he was the first to tell me and some friends about Bored Apes in April at 0.4ETH, and I would love nothing more than to return the favor for his generosity and exemplifying true New York values by helping him join a project and community as dope as CryptoNewYorkers.

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Jay Z | 0xEeE7FA9f2148e9499D6d857DC09E29864203b138 | A great nyc success story

0xEeE7FA9f2148e9499D6d857DC09E29864203b138 | Home grown NYC talent, famous rapper rags-to-riches story, this guy makes songs about NYC, always seen in a yankee cap, supports the knicks. awesome guy

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Casey Neistat | 0x3B34C33fd63A7e1345Ece34Da2F2009141A29185 | He has created a community and fan base from his daily vlog series on YouTube. He never let anything get in the way of getting what he wants. Starting with little to nothing in Connecticut, moving to NY, grinding his way up from the bottom, he let his creative work to the talking. Yes, he moved to LA with his family. But to me he is the ultimate New Yorker. Why? Because he proved not only to the world that he can achieve anything in NYC, but also showed the world that anyone else can achieve their dreams too.

0x9431Bc7742099d3b8C760A4557e56745893bB9cc | This person has played a huge role in my life by getting me through a very hard point in my life and proving anything is possible in this life. Being able to meet someone with that type of influence and show me that it’s important to keep moving forward, worry less about the past.

0x68e912Af6176bB1639ACa936eb58D71cc2558b66 | Who’s a true New Yorker? Who embodies the hustle, the grind, the creativity and passion that keeps New York alive? Casey Neistat. I’ve spent hours on end watching his content as he traveled around the city, shooting videos, inspiring entrepreneurs across not only New York but the world. As a 15 year old kid living in the suburbs of Staten Island, Casey made me feel like I could really make it, follow my passion and be the best version of myself.

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50 Cent | Iconic. A real New Yorker who has driven the culture beyond what is imaginable by many.

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Aboulaye S | He’s impressive and dope at the same time. Originally from a low-income background and being a first-generation Malian-American, Doulaye is the first person that made me realize that New Yorkers are special. He grew up in Jamaica queens where his dad worked a a cab driver. I met Abdoulaye at Amherst where he got full ride to graduate with a physics degree. He is currently doing a masters in Mechanical engineering at Columbia. Specifically, he aspires to invent and design affordable, yet effective technology powered by sustainable resources such as sunlight, wind or water that would promote economic development and political empowerment in developing countries all over the globe such as his ancestral homeland Mali. Besides his impressive accomplishments Doulaye is a fun person. He taught me how to yerrrrr like a real New Yorker, educated me on beef patties, chopped cheeses, rolling blunts with fronto and wilin out with moderation.

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Alessandra N | She loves beef jerky! this girl made that viral car rap cideo in like 2018 and just never stopped stimming. Alessandra is kind of chubby and a prominent twitter (@biiccy) personality and the cofounder of a tech startup house in LA, networking director at yayo llc and an aspiring adult diaper shapewear designer like skims but for diapers and she has a lor of friends and is autistic and proud of it!

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Kevin H | Born & raised in queens, Kevin is the co-founder of KRU, a nyc based clothing & skateboarding brand. kevin knows people and has dated people in almost every nyc neighborhood. he’s also knows seemingly all nyc restaurants by hand.

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Karen C | Karen is a badass New Yorker who defines what it means to hustle and help others in the big city. As a strong woman in tech (she designs and builds websites), she’s set an example of how to stand up to people who want to take advantage of you, and she’s helped countless of her coworkers and community members learn to do the same. As an artist by night, she’s been an inspiration to me and my fellow New Yorkers with her sketches that capture the emotional roller coaster NYC can be. She’s an authentic New Yorker deserving of repping CryptoNewYorkers.

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Cranford S | Everything crypto/NFT/blockchain/innovation is his full time, and he has the passion to be a Green Beret full time. He will be going off to selection soon, and stands to lose money in the process for the purpose of serving others. He has a mission driven mind, along with impressive investment decisions, and was born and raised in NYC. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

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Mark S | Mark was a great mentor for me when I first came to NYC from Florida. I didn't know anyone and they took me under their wing and introduced me to the culture and way of living iconic to NYC. From deep playa rides through Times Square to participating in some of the most eccentric communities in NYC (Rocky Horror, electric scooter racing) this person has done it all. They exemplify that work hard play hard atmosphere iconic to NYC often jumping from long hours at work to concerts in Brooklyn. If you're looking for a real New Yorker, this is a real New Yorker (with the attitude to prove it haha). I can confidently say I would not be where I am today without their mentorship and sometimes blunt advice.

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Payton T | I nominated this person because they have worked to make bushwick and our home a cleaner place. She bikes her compost to our community garden and have on several occasions seen her take time to clean up Mia Hernandez park. While small actions, she truly works to make our neighborhood in Brooklyn a little better!

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Tarun C | He’s a wonderful friend who welcomed me as soon as I moved to New York and helped me move pass the rigid framework of traditional finance and kickstart a career in crypto. He really has helped me feel at home in New York.

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@turtlekiosk | name a New Yorker with better tweets... you can't

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Olivia T | Olivia is a real New Yorker. She shows up for others, puts 100% of herself into the things she does, and doesn’t take any shit from anyone! In all seriousness, I think Olivia can contribute exactly what this community is all about. Through her non-profit work in education I’ve seen how she brings empathy and community to those around her. Through our marriage I’ve seen her patience and her creativity - and also her imagination. I know she’ll bring that with her to this gallery and to it’s community, immersing herself in the art and engaging others to build something together.

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Vian S | Vian is not a typical New Yorker. The stereotype of a rude pushy person who has no care about anyone but himself does not apply to him. In fact, it seems to motivate him to be the exact opposite. Vian has been studying hard to earn a spot in medical school, but becoming a doctor is not his life goal. He wants to help the world by creating a charity to teach our students about happiness. He has spoken to me countless times about teaching this seemingly unteachable quality. He wants to help the teens who have been sent into depression because of social media; he wants to help the kids who have problems at home and tell themselves that they’re content with sadness; he wants to show everyone that work is not all there is to life; he wants to help the average person realize that every second of life must be enjoyed because of its uniqueness and the scarcity of time. He is set on changing the educational system to include his class on happiness. I know how much it hurts him to see the depression all around him, so I want him to have this NFT because I’m sure he will use every penny towards his selfless life goal.

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Spike Lee | Spike is NY!

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Brandon H | Brandon and I met when he was a freshman in high school and I, at the time a recent college grad looking to give back, was assigned to sponsor him through a program that helped kids at risk attend private high schools to help them pursue education. Brandon was born and raised in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. He came from little but valued his education and knew that was his ticket out. He graduated high school, was the 1st and only in his family to enroll in college. Due to financial reasons, he didn’t graduate, and returned to the Bronx where he works his tail off trying to support his family- his mom and brothers. He has seen friends shot and killed, others put away on drug charges and he’s kept his head down and is working hard to make a better life. He has had his home flooded during Hurricane Sandy and most recently, had his basement ruined from Hurricane Ida flooding just last week. He remains as optimistic and positive a person from the first time I met him. His work ethic is unmatched as he juggles 3 different jobs while also pursuing HVAC education now. He always jokes that he’s 1 break away from making it. This is quite personal for me, I’ve been trying to help guide Brandon for years and think this opportunity from Bright Moments could be Brandon’s one break.

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Sophia V | Sophia is a notable up-and-coming writer, actress, musician and tweeter Who has cemented herself as a gorgeous, charismatic presence in the downtown literary scene. after being trapped in her bedroom for 18+ months she hold her self out of despair to live in New York using the connections she made online and in person. I think she is a brave individual who deserves the recognition and notability that would come with having this NFT.

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Bobby | On the corner of my favorite bodega. Every day. Every night. That’s where I met Bobby. On my way to work every morning, coming home from late night dates and every Sunday, I see him sitting on his mirage of flattened boxes and cardboard sign reading “tell me a story”. He never asks for money, he never asks for food - all he asks for is company - a good talk. I’ve shared a few talks with Bobby, as funny as it is he was one of the first people that found out I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and got a new job. There’s something about sharing a connection, and a story with someone that only New York could get out of you. Like suddenly you can let your guard down, trust people and be someone. In New York everyone is the “main character” in their own movie, and I want to give Bobby a chance to shine in his leading role.

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Eve P | Eve is an NYU student and an avid chess player in Washington Square Park. I met her one day at the park when she randomly challenged me to a friendly game of chess. Her openness to challenge a random person in the middle of a park to a game of chess is the perfect example of what makes her the quintessential New Yorker.

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Joe Q | Joe is a native New Yorker through and through, born and raised in New York and never leaving the city. He is passionate about all things NYC, especially the small businesses that he believes give NYC its backbone and character just as much as it’s inhabitants. He is my partner in crime in navigating the NFT world and is currently working on a project to help bridge the gap between NFTs and IRL by helping connect local New York businesses with the digital/crypto community through NFTs (won’t give the name here as I’m not trying to shill but can promise the name and project goals represents how passionate Joe is about connecting NYC and NFTs). I can’t think of a better ambassador for CNY as Joe already has the passion, the skill set, and the experience to connect NYC-based communities with the NFT space. He would be a tremendous addition to the CNY community.

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Zachary M | Zachary is an unsung hero for this community as the superintendent of our building. He’s trying to keep a 70 year old building afloat 24/7 during Covid, with limited resources and staff. When Hurricane Ida came thru September 1st the rain water so was heavy, a pipe burst in a tenants lower level apartment. He described the scene as “a hole in a submarine”. With FDNY bogged down in issues across the city, Zachary had no help besides his girlfriend. He some how was able to get the cap back on with a wrench when the water pressure subsided in lighter rain. At any moment, while he was standing over the gushing cap, water pressure could have gone back up, which would have launched the cap directly into Zachary’s body. He was able to get it covered and sweep out all the water from the basement so no tenants lost more than a rug or shoes. Zachary stayed up until 3 am that night after a full day of work and saved all these tenants belongings. When he’s not quite literally being a hero, he’s still watching over the community, making sure tenants feel safe by keeping uninvited guests out of the lobby or stairwells. He protects his tenants like a family, no matter if they’re young, old, easy, or high maintenance. I think this could change his life and help him, his sister and his girlfriend, who all live together get a forever home. He’s not into crypto but I’d gladly cover the costs associated with registering an OS account.

Also because he’s the super, I don’t have his email or phone number, but I can get both for your team to reach out to him directly if he’s selected. We’re at the Arthur at 245 W 25th street, New York, NY 10001

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Frank C | Frank has managed to solidify his presence as a trusted public voice within the crypto community while staying humble. I think he would be an amazing voice and supporter for CryptoNewYorkers because he's original, tenacious and interesting, all while being public facing.

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Derek Jeter | Derek J is the number one person that comes to my mind when I think of New York City. He is the most famous Yankee of all time and is known by so many as someone who cares so much and loves this amazing city. I could think of no better person to receive a Crytpo New Yorker than the Captain himself.

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Gregory S | Scott is the man. He was my favorite teacher when I came here to study at fashion school. He is definitely someone I would consider a “real” New Yorker, having been here for over 20 something years, and cutting his teeth in multiple areas of the oldschool garment industry. He started from the bottom and eventually became a VP of tech design, all while managing a part-time teaching position… which leads me to why I think he really deserves the nomination. He really really cares about his students, and he goes out of his way to make sure they have a positive overall introduction and experience with the city. 99% of us were not from NYC, probably 50% of us were not from the US, but Scott would constantly go out of his way to make sure that everyone was “good”. Whether it was hosting taco nights at his prospect heights apt, staying after class till 9pm to provide extra help, or telling stories about the good old days at the gay clubs “before New York sucked!”… he is the first person that comes to mind when I think of “New York community”, and it seems he is also the last… He’s got grit, he’s got style, and he ain’t never asked nobody for nothin, but he’s still here thriving!

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David A | David’s an absolute rockstar in NYC. He’s full of optimism, a social warrior, and passionate about his craft. While he’s not spreading his wisdom at Columbia, he’s interacting with folks throughout the city to drive positive change.

Also he’s got jokes. Man is funny and helps everyone around him crack up.

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@Riiland_ | Back when I first got into crypto, his daughter was being born so he spent his money preparing for her instead and has sacrificed a lot. He's incredibly deserving of a CryptoNewYorker for putting his family first.

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Rohan P | Rohan founded, a nonprofit that helps people file for bankruptcy for free. He launched their company out of Brooklyn and have helped clear $400m in medical debt and collections to give thousands a fresh start. Helping people who need it the most and can’t afford $1000 for a bankruptcy attorney. I have known Rohan since 2016 and his work inspired me to also commit to using software to build things to help people with their credit and food. Personally inspiring to me and changed my career direction. The Robin Hood Foundation awarded Upsolve the 2019 NYC Heroes Award for “extraordinary contributions in the fight against poverty in New York City.”

Thanks for the great event. First time I’ve been able to talk NFTs in person 😃

More info about Rohan:

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Adam Sandler | Because I believe he is a true New Yorker. You could see from the roles that he plays in his movies that he has the personality of someone who is from New York.He has that New York mindset.

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Jonathan L | I nominating this New Yorker for his natural and sheer dedication to help others, no matter who they are. Jonathan only 18 years old has a fascinating story of kindness and selflessness. It starts with his younger special needs brother. His younger brother who was born with a disability which hindered him educationally and socially was very tough to take care of as he aged. Jonathan took over his role by helping his brother interact socially and make friends, complete his school work, read, do math, and most importantly feel loved and valued like all human beings deserve. Although I can tell at times it was tough and mentally draining, Jonathan pushed through. His dedication to helping others only increased when covid-19 struck, and he helped organize and create a go-fund me to help social workers during the hard times when hospitals and nursing homes were filled to the brim. His go-fund me was able to deliver meals to multiple different hospitals/nursing homes. The special thing with Jonathan however, is that he doesn’t commit these act of altruism because of a reward he seeks out, he does it because of his pure heart and his want to lessen the world of hurt and pain. Another instance of this is when Jonathan joined a helpers for covid organization which seeked donations to then be turned into care packages full of food, drinks, masks, socks, feminine products, etc. for the homeless. Jonathan took time out of his busy days even when he was applying to colleges, or trying to keep up with his school load to help deliver these packages. I always admired the smile and purity in his eyes when he would brighten up a person in needs day. Jonathan is a truly amazing person who is dedicated, hardworking, selfless, kind, grateful, unique, and incredible. He has recently grown a passion for the nft and crypto space and community in his love for art, technology, and his need to pay for his college which his parents can’t afford. I think that Jonathan truly deserves this and it would bring him so much joy taking part in this community that he so looks up to.

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Nikolai T | My dad, Nikolai T, originally from Bulgaria but long time New Yorker. He was a movie star in his home country, moved to the US in his twenties not speaking a word of English and stopped acting for decades to work and raise his family.

About 5 years ago, once he became an empty nester, he started acting again, and since then his career has bloomed, he’s been on Mr.Robot, The Americans, acted alongside Sam Elliot and his career is only growing from here. I doubt he knows what NFTs are, but he sums up the crypto Venetian vibes and what makes nyc special.

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Ricky R | I nominated Ricky because he’s changed so many peoples lives with getting them into cryptocurrency & NFT’s. He’s so enthusiastic and patient while explaining, and even took the time to set up my metamask account for me so that I could begin to post my art, and create NFT’s myself! I know he’s made me feel so much more comfortable with my position in the world knowing that I now have a form of currency I can actually trust. He’s also gifted me a crypto wallet for free, just so I can have even more security knowing I own all my funds... basically he’s everything a New Yorker represents; passion, drive, and dedication to making a positive difference in the lives around him. Even if it’s a stranger he’s never met before. I love this man, and so does everyone else who is blessed enough to know him! Plus, he’s from here :)

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Kevin R | Cause he’s my homie. And he moved there to be on broadway. And that’s dope

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Cameron L | I’m nominating Cameron because he loves the city and always has. After being born and raised in Pennsylvania, he moved here upon college graduation two years ago at 22 years old. He’s a real estate broker here that deals specifically with townhome and brownstone sales. Some of the properties he represents and some of the people he meets are fascinating. You can find him stuffing his face with a nice fresh New York bagel or chillin with his friends around the city. I think he makes a positive impact on the city and the people he meets. He has a very bright future here and I really look up to him.

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Matthew M | Matthew is a dj and stylist and activist who has consistently raised his voices to help others. During the pandemic he would play music out of his window at 7pm to brighten the neighborhood during a trying time. When I reached out to him to help Dj a zoom fundraiser for feeding America at the start of the pandemic he gladly donated his services and helped us to raise $3000 to help hungry Americans, even though we had never even met. He also continuously helps to speak out for an organize to the benefit of underrepresented New Yorkers.

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Jaceria (Da Silva Kidd) | Jacy, like many others in this City, is an immigrant and now a Citizen of this country. She came to NYC over 10 years ago from a humble background in Rio to build a better life. She did. She is an accomplished Healthcare professional who has earned a reputation in caring for people with sever Autism and related ASD disabilities. In many instances, such work can be extremely challenging, and families and households she works with view her as a saint in their lives. I implore you to vote for someone who has dedicated her life to caring for other people as a true New Yorker.

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Reid J | Reid is an amazing illustrator that epitomizes the independent creative type. His work is regularly in the New York Times and he’s done numerous covers for New Yorker Magazine. He’s intelligent, talented, and great at party. His digital work naturally belongs in the metaverse but has yet to accept crypto into his life. He has been working on a book for two years with a small 5k advance being the limited payment he has received. I believe he would benefit from the creative crypto world and his presence would be a welcome addition to the community.

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Jacob T | Born and raised in Brooklyn ~ Jacob Turner is New York in human form. I nominated this person because he is a combination of grit, drip, and spit, along with the most delightful things.

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Jeff U | Jeff has been an Alphabet City fixtures for decades. His bike shop is a testament tothe resiliency of NYCers and the community vibe that makes us all stronger. His shop may have moved a half dozen times, (at one point also housing a Cafe), but it has been home to bike messengers, neighborhood folk, vegans, folx going sober, and radical squatters, and our favorite local guy who walks around with a parrot on his shoulder. Continuum Cycles - 13th between A & B . Everyone knows Jeff and his telltale glasses. He is a dog trainer as well and always a few pitbulls in tow.

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Brenton V | After scouring NYC west village and Soho neighborhoods to find some benches for the 150 Wooster gallery opening, Brenton from Vig Bar came through and kindly allowed us the use of 75% of the bars outdoor benches for the night. Solid NYer in my book. Also notable shoutout to the owner of Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee next door (Fabrizio) and his kind employee who connected us.

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James R | He is the epitome of New York. His style. His clothing. His reinvention of himself through the years “If Jimmy doesn’t like him then I don’t want to know him”. He’s the unofficial mayor of nyc. A special person inside and out. Through many losses and defeats always comes out on top. And always with a smile. Never says no to favor and generosity unmatched.

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Akhil J | Akhil is everything I love about NY and is always showing me new spots.

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Will L | My son, Will, has been volunteering full time for the past 2 years. He started doing marches and rallies to stand up against anti-Asian hate and violence in the Summer of 2020 in NYC then all around the country. Now my son has introduced me to NFTs and it has brought us closer than ever. I am very thankful!

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William H | My next door neighbor Bill is the unofficial Mayor of Williamsburg. The man is an artist who has lived in Brooklyn for almost 30 years and knows everybody in the neighborhood, from our 92 year old neighbor to the owners of all local small businesses to one of the original leading cast members of Hamilton. He even has an article written about him in the New York Times. He’s an artist who has been creating art in New York for years so it’s be cool to see him get a token from this new-age art collection.

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Anna D | She is a girl who has been through the ringer and truly shows the diversity of New York City she works with special needs children because of her brother who struggles with autism, adhd, and ocd. I truly believe that the good she does for people without too much awareness shows how she is the true New Yorker someone that is loyal to there cause, moves without causing commotion, and shows how anyone can be a New Yorker no matter your nationality, mental health struggles, or ethnicity. She has worked through this for years in taking care of her brother and taking the time to learn more about autism donating money, and starting toy drives to help people out. She is the one person I look and think of when I think of the question who is a true New Yorker, helpful, smart, and living in a melting pot

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Reno | I am nominating my neighbor Reno (yes, she only goes by one name) because she is a lot like New York - tough exterior, doesn't take crap from anyone, but once you get to know her she will make you laugh and has a heart of gold. Reno was a professional comedienne in the 80s/90s ( and was one of the first art settlers in Tribeca in the 80s. Reno has been in NYC through thick and thin - she stayed downtown through 9/11, through the Hurricane Sandy blackout and is amazing rep for NYC!

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Mark W | They used to throw large scale warehouse parties for 13 years. They are a NY ambassador and safety net to many. They're a bald, hipster, peter-pan syndrom, hipster, neurotic jew. Born on Long Island.

Curating fine culture since 1975 or whenever he was born :)

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Eddie Murphy | He is a very famous actor that many New Yorkers know. He shows us anything is possible!

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Dan S | Dan S. is incredible kind, knowledgeable, and passionate. He is connected around the city and within crypto. He would be a huge asset to GTNY.

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Jose G | Born in Brooklyn NY, has lived in New York City, Queens, and now resides in the Bronx. After high school went away to the Marine Corps, served his country, spent some time away, but like a true New Yorker came back home after his service. Went to College at New York City College school of architecture and is living the dream working for architects and projects throughout New York. Season ticket holder of NYCFC soccer team that plays in Yankee Stadium, whats more New York than cheering up & coming powerhouse of NYCFC in the “ The house that Ruth built.”?

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Konstantina E | Awesome New Yorker working for the people

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Anthony C | Anthony has been with me since the very beginning, first getting me into crypto during my freshman year of high school through simple methods like playing games in exchange for Bitcoin. As the years passed, he would eventually assist me in venturing into the enormous and complicated world of shoe resale, helping me to gain a reputation in this tight knit community. Now, he has helped me yet again in venturing into the world of NFTs. During my senior year, he was telling me all about these new forms of digital art that people were creating on various platforms, and my interest was piqued. He helped me gain more and more knowledge in this fantastical space and has now gotten me involved in this space, and I will always be grateful to him for that. Anthony has helped me all throughout my youthful life in various ventures, in fact, he is the reason I came to this NFT showcase today; without him, none of this would've been possible for me. Anthony Chen is one of the realest new yorkers I know, and that is why I nominate him here today.

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Dr. Brian S | Dr. Brain S. is one of my faculty at NYU college of dentistry and practices as a surgical oncologist. His impact and many other of my faculties impact is incredibly significant on New Yorkers as he directly is able to perform life saving surgeries, excising cancers. New York is a city full of people giving back, he actually performed a surgery on my best friends grandfather who suffered from oral cancer. This surgery not only prolonged his life but also influenced my best friend to go to dental school with me. This city might feel endless with the amount of people in it, but we all end up impacting the lives of those around us, and Dr. Schmidt a true New Yorker is like any other. Daily impacting countless individuals and families lives through his hard work.

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JV Z | I nominated JV not only for his impact on my personal growth and mental health struggles (sometimes all you need is someone to listen) but I also want to nominate him because of his work as the proprietor of Drive Safe Auto here in Beach Channel, NY. When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the garage, he never thought twice about giving up or shuttering the doors. He was dedicated to rebuilding and helping the community. He always puts the needs of the community before his own and always helps someone in need with their vehicle as opposed to just taking their money. He is a true New Yorker and represents what makes this city great.

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Sung N | He was someone that helped me move to NY. He took me around all the boroughs and showed me all the cool food and fashion spots. He was one of the reasons why I moved to NY and was instrumental in convincing me to stay out here.

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Frank P | Frank epitomizes New York. He came from a modest upbringing and slowly ascended the New York restaurant scene - he now owns three restaurants in the East Village, and is opening a fourth on the west side. However, what’s most interesting and impressive about Frank is that he has built his own (non-crypto related) online community. Frank is extremely active on Instagram by walking step by step through all of his cooking methods, and he takes time to respond to questions in his dm’s (of which there are thousands - I personally have asked about 20 of them). I’ve learned everything I know about cooking from Frank. He was also one of the only restaurant owners that kept his businesses open at the beginning of the pandemic (while keeping workers safe) to ensure New Yorkers had good quality food to order in while in lockdown. Simply put - Frank IS New York.

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Crazy Legs Conti | 0x3dac9C982e3CA2246293e196048784BB998dD2c5 | He’s the most real New Yorker we got. Knows everything and everyone. Doesn’t need a phone to get around. Doesn’t even have one. East villager for 40+ years. Spontaneously gives tourists tours. Professional competitive eater, window cleaner and screenplay writer. Cameo on the Sopranos. 6’3, dreads, incredible style, only wears shorts, even in the dead of winter. Nicest guy on the planet.

0x3dac9C982e3CA2246293e196048784BB998dD2c5 | Crazy Legs is the embodiment of all that is good about New York. Look him up on google maps, he’ll show up. That’s because he’s an institution in the form of a six foot three dreadlocked angel. He’s been on the sopranos, he’s competed in the Coney Island hot dog eating contest many many times, holds court at McSoreley’s and knows pretty much everyone in the East Village. No one deserves this more than he does.

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Evan C | Evan embodies the definition of a real New Yorker he grinds during the day and party hard at night. He works in FinTech and huge advocate for the crypto and NFT space. He is the reason me and others in the NYC area getting involved in this space.

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Tommy Z | Long time photographer friend who moved to NYC from Italy a few years ago to pursue his dream of making it as a photographer here. He just recently earned his green card, and supports his wife and 2 puppies with his photography gigs around the city. He bases all his pictures on people that live here and embodies everything about facing the struggle in NYC; I have pushing him to jump into the NFT world because I believe in his work and that’s where the future for artists is and this might be the push he actually needs to realize what’s out there.

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Mike S | Mike was a filipino immigrant who grew up as a kid in brighton beach brooklyn. he took his experiences growing up in the phillipines and turned communities around by building basketball courts. these basketball courts all became community hubs, and basketball became a national craze. national geographic did a documentary on him, and lebron james and nike quickly joined him on his tour to build courts to help also give free shoes to the community. after his last ted talk - hes now taking it full circle by returning back to new york to also support the basketball parks in nyc and share resources in brighton beach

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Nick V | Nick is an incredible artist whose spirit and talent are driven by New York. You can feel it coming through every aspect of his art and music. He is inspired by New York and there is no doubt that NY is inspired by him.

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Denis V | After just moving to New York, I wanted to meet with other community members in the crypto space.

My first NFT purchase was a Pudgy Penguin and I was immediately met with a welcoming community. Through that, I found a group of other Penguins who live in NYC!

Denis was the one who not only introduced me to the CryptoVenetian project, but also showed me that through NFTs, you can find a sense of community and belonging wherever you go.

Thank you Denis!

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Changmin K | I’m nominating my dad as a true New Yorker. We moved to NY in 1986 and he began his career as a professor in engineering. Over 20 years later instead of retiring he chooses to continue teaching for his love of knowledge and education. After all these years he still enjoys sharing stories about his students and enjoys helping the youth. I’ve asked him before if he ever wanted to move back to South Korea, his native homeland and he says while he enjoys visiting Korea, NY is where his roots are and will never leave.

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Saad R | 13 years a New Yorker, Saad is the personification of quintessential New York - dynamic, welcoming, inclusive, varied, and a bit of a night owl ;) Over time he has been part of several communities with causes ranging from social to professional, playing his part to inject energy and vibrancy to the city. He also introduced me to the city, hosted me, and showed me around on my first visit. And I became a New Yorker in large part due to him

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Anna Z | I wrote a really long and eloquent response but the page refreshed and it all disappeared. But the gist of it is she’s been a hardworking, kind and compassionate Nurse in NYC for over 10 years, and has lived in New York for over 20. She is tough as nails and takes no shit while also offering a helping hand to anyone who needs. She is a truly amazing person with the biggest heart in all of the city.

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Taylor G | Taylor is my favorite VC in NYC and has given back to the community in so many ways. He’s always a positive influence and has helped hundreds of founders successfully raise money and build the company of their dreams. While being a vc in NYC is not particularly unique, Taylor’s attitude and helpfulness most certainly are. I’m lucky he backed my first company (even though it failed), and even luckier to call him a friend.

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Josh O | Josh O. is a huge part of the nft community, he has risen with the bored ape yacht club and has made a positive impact and influence on the community. Above all else, he is a real New Yorker, he lives in Hell’s Kitchen. He is constantly creating in person community events in nyc to strengthen both the digital nft community and the physical. I think he epitomizes the crypto venetian mindset of binding the digital and physical communities into one.

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David B | I've long since been jaded since the early freshman year 2015 hackathon days about passioned interests. Watching my friend David dive into crypto and build fervently despite suffering from a similar ailment convinced me to give crypto a try. These past few weeks have been some of the most adrenaline filled moments of my life, where i can finally build and build nonstop— not for a hackathon prize, not for a nice stock option contract, but to manifest my own convictions about the crypto space and the future it can build. It's fun, empowering, and meaningful. Thanks David.

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Masrur C | Masrur is born and raised in nyc and is currently attending school in Vermont, which is he paying for by himself. I immediately knew he was a golden heart upon meeting him - the perfect choice for a GTNY.

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Naked Cowboy | Naked Cowboy is an absolute icon and dedicated to NYC!

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Ted Park | New York Rapper / Influencer

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Hyeyeon J | The most hardcore New Yorker I know

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Alvin H | Alvin is super smart, motivated and inspired by the overarching crypto revolution, and is technically skilled in a way that could be super helpful to a crypto project down the line (designing, PMing). He’s the one who got me into crypto and one of rhe most generous, helpful, and down to earth ppl in know (especially in the crypto world)

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Austin B | Early NFT enthusiast and investor who brought me into the space, currently works at coinfund.

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@sidetalknyc | The goat

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Fivio Foreign | Good rapper - was on kanyes album

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“Tiger H | To me he represents what a “true” New Yorker is all about. A sincere and genuine character loved by everybody who knows him. Constantly emanating kindness into the community and bringing joy to the people he encounters. That is what makes New York such an incredible city to live in.

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Jeff Foxx | He’s my and I feel he’s a true New Yorker spending 30 + years on the radio (98.7 KISS FM, 107.6 WBLS & Sirx FM he also performs live every year at the Harlem day music festival on Saturday & Sunday. He also just now became syndicated on other radio platforms across the U.S.

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Peter H | Peter is my friend, a real New Yorker, and NYC public school teacher who has worked hard for almost two decades teaching middle schoolers in the Bronx. Pete gives back to the community by taking his students on field trips out of the city on weekends.

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Richard K | My biggest collector, artblocks collector and huge tastemaker in the space. Huge influence and the nicest friggin guy you’d ever want to meet.

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Mother | Though not born in the US at all, my filipino mother has worked the majority of her career here in the US as a nurse at a nursing home in Washington Heights. I’ve personally worked here as well during a student program when I was in high school, and I noticed how much she impacted the lives of the residents. I was only an aide, but I was able to work along side her and see how much work she puts in every day for the older people in the community. I’ve also been trying to get her to understand what Ive been doing with NFTs so this would be a perfect intro for her!

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Micheal T | Micheal is my high school teacher. I had him when I was a student back in a small farming town in California. He’s the first person I met from NYC. He’d tell us stories about his punk days(music punk not cryptopunk)and how he met his wife Bunny, and how they used to rage. He had an high paying job in the city which he left to teach. In his words something more fulfilling than selling products. He taught English, and even though you couldn’t tell by my writing he was a great teacher. Not because of the courses (although he was good!) but because of the person he was; real. He’s part of the reason I left California and chose to live in NYC. And even though he no longer lives in the city I couldn’t envision anyone whose most representative of NYC than my former punk high school teacher Mr.T.

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Jonathan W | Jonathan shares so much of his passion through his art and other creative ventures.

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Cherrelle K | She is a great person that does digital illustrations of people of color and focuses on good spirits and positive energy.

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Bruno N | Curated milady NFT in the heart of manhattan. Owns a gallery space in soho working with many names in the art space

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Kevin J | Because they’re dope and deserve it. NFTs are the future!!

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Ravneet K | The definition of a hardworker and great person and really defines what a new yorker is. Also one of the first females that introduced me to NFTs

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Malik | Been in the natural community for a few months and sees the potential. Has gotten multiple friends into crypto and nfts and is excited about the potential.

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Chris H | absolute legend in the crypto sphere

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Sage Y | Because he hustles n grinds in attempt to grow communities

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Patrick P | Pat and I met while you we were both in the hospital in 2020 dealing with different, life-threatening illnesses. He is an amazing artist and we are collaborating on a lot of awesome art, with my fashion business, in the near future.

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Kate A | Passion,drive, and ambition! All things that represent nyc

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Matthew G | New Yorker who is making great connections in the NFT space

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Arthur A | Arthur was fundamental to creating the Loft Law provisions in the 80s that protected artist s living in Soho's manufacturing districts. He has the wildest stories and such an NYC attitude of resilience. He still fights for artist housing and draws the ire of slumlords in all 5 boroughs. He's also been sporting the same facial hair and ball cap for decades. He is a local character.

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Alex D | Alex is a part of a cultural phenomenon called Shys Burgers. (@shysburgers) A pop up in NYC that has captured the hearts of new york’s youth. Alex would provide legitimacy and accessibility to the space with his friends and family in the art world.

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Malik P | Malik is THE person who got me in to NFTs. He is very passionate about business and wanted to create and produce and NFTs are one his motivations. Being a very busy kid in NYC balancing school, work, video editing, he would love to be apart of this Bright Moments project.

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Santino D | He is the kind of person who will stop and talk to anyone and brighten their day and that’s what makes New York so wonderful

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Keith W | Actor, teacher, director, creator of the interview series mister New York:

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Thasfia C | I nominate this New Yorker because I believe she is the definition of what it means to be “new yolk” she is always active in preaching for social justice and is a model in the city. Her image and brand on Instagram @thasfia shows this and anyone can tell “damn she from New York New York”. She represents the diversity, ingenuity , and swag that New Yorker/ New Yorkers are famous for. Plus south Asian women are under represented and they are truly the hidden face of New York City.

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