Metropolis World Tour

Today, Art Blocks and Bright Moments announce Metropolis by mpkoz—the first project of the recently announced partnership bringing together Art Blocks’ minting technologies and Bright Moment's IRL experiences.

Metropolis is a long-form generative art collection exploring the node-based systems that enable modern society. These literal and theoretical systems are critical to computing, blockchains, logistics, and more specifically, the formation of cities.

Every Metropolis minted in the primary sale will reflect one of five Bright Moments locations (Mexico City, London, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles) in the form of an associated on-chain trait.

Metropolis outputs with associated city traits. From left to right: Mexico City, London, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles.
Metropolis outputs with associated city traits. From left to right: Mexico City, London, Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles.

Starting a week after the online sale, each Metropolis holder will be able to use the unique signature of their token to generate a diptych: a second work of art that extends programmatically from the first and can only be minted IRL – for free – in the associated city.

A Metropolis 'New York' diptych
A Metropolis 'New York' diptych

Mpkoz created Chimera for Art Blocks in January 2022, and Parnassus for Bright Moments’ Berlin Collection in April 2022. With Metropolis, mpkoz explores a range of photorealistic painting styles from different cities around the world.

As the first project featured in the ABxBM series, mpkoz’s work encodes new ways of experiencing generative art, by connecting on-chain data to IRL experiences.

The Metropolis Journey

Diptych minting will take place over the course of two weeks, beginning in New York on March 2nd and concluding in Venice Beach, CA on March 11th. The full travel schedule will be released soon.

If you hold a Metropolis but can’t visit a gallery in-person, you can send a delegate to mint on your behalf, delivering the second mint safely to your wallet. Any Metropolis holders who does not claim their diptych on the designated minting day will not be able to claim in the future. The final collection size will be somewhere between 500 - 1,000 mints, based on the interest of collectors to claim their diptychs in each city.

We’re excited to launch this Collaborative project in partnership with Art Blocks and mpkoz.

How To Purchase

The sale will be broken into two phases:

Dutch Auction on Art Blocks

  • Date: February 22nd, 2023

  • Total mints: 400

  • Drop mechanic: Exponential Dutch Auction

  • Starting price: TBD

  • Base price: TBD

Description: the dutch auction will use an exponentially decreasing price until the sellout criteria is triggered. There will be 400 mints available for sale during the dutch auction.


  • Start date: Following the DA, by February 23rd, 2023

  • Total mints: 100

  • Drop mechanic: Raffle with allowlist claim @ DA sellout price

  • Snapshot time: Monday, February 20th at 12:00p PT

  • Winner announcement: Tuesday, February 21st

  • How to enter: Hold a qualifying token at the time of snapshot. No entry required.

Description: 80 mints will be held in a Community Reserve. Holders of CryptoCitizens, Parnassus, Tectonics, and Chimera will be eligible with 20 spots each. A snapshot and raffle will be held prior to the sale to determine which wallets are included on the allowlist claim. The 20 remaining mints will be reserved for purchase by the Bright Moments DAO and mpkoz.

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