Moments Bring Opportunities...Introducing Our Newest DAO
Jamie Byrne
Bright Moments
March 23rd, 2022

What. A. Year!

Bright Moments was created one year ago, on-chain, as a Wyoming DAO. From a single brick wall with three screens underneath the Venice sign, to a journey Around The World In 10,000 NFTs, we have formed the nucleus of something very special.

All that, and we’re just getting started!

About Bright Moments

If you are just hearing about Bright Moments for the first time, Bright Moments is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that delivers unforgettable IRL minting experiences and cultural moments through NFT galleries around the world.  We  support our own PFP project (Crypto Citizens) and an emerging creator class of on-chain generative artists.

As we start to think about Bright Moments’ second year, we wanted to share a bit more about where we’re headed and also make an exciting announcement.

Crypto Citizens: Around The World In 10,000 NFTs

Our core commitment is to build a global community of Crypto Citizens by going around the world in 10,000 NFTs. Unlike many other PFP projects that drop their entire collection all at once, Bright Moments is building its community slowly by providing local communities in cities like LA, NY, Berlin and London the opportunity to join the DAO by minting live in one of our galleries, (or picking one up on the secondary market.)

Every Crypto Citizen NFT holder is not only a member of the DAO with equal rights, equal say and equal footing, but also receives unique benefits such as opportunities for Golden Token airdrops for future Crypto Citizen cities or NFTs from artists such as Tyler Hobbs.

As we move through each new city, we look for ways to innovate both the NFTs and the IRL minting experience. In Berlin, each NFT will include its own generative music soundtrack, and the collection of 100 Crypto Berliners minted each night will combine into an incredible techno symphony.

Bright Moments Presents: NFT Art Berlin
Bright Moments Presents: NFT Art Berlin

The Berlin Collection

Our second year will also see Bright Moments increase our focus on NFT art with Collections, a new curated series of artist drops in each city we mint.  Our first Collection, the Berlin Collection, will feature 10 artists across 10 nights in April at Kraftwerk with artists such as Jeff Davis, Alida Sun and Casey Reas.

The Berlin Collection!
The Berlin Collection!

Introducing The Bright Opportunities DAO

Today we’re announcing the formation of Bright Moments’ first sub-DAO, Bright Opportunities DAO, an NFT and Web3 investment DAO.

The formation of Bright Opportunities DAO, which is being supported by Tribute Labs, will provide a vehicle to:

  • invest in NFTs from leading collections and artists
  • participate in all of the NFT art and collectibles projects that emanate from Bright Moments IRL minting experiences across future cities
  • invest in new projects that emerge from the Bright Moments community or want to be supported by the Bright Moments community.

Due to legal requirements, Bright Opportunities DAO will be limited to 99 accredited investors from the Bright Moments’ Crypto Citizen community.

While the number of community members that can directly participate is limited by regulation, there are a number of ways that the overall community will benefit from the opportunities DAO.

How Bright Moments DAO Benefits From Bright Opportunities DAO:

  • The Bright Moments DAO will own an interest in the Bright Opportunities DAO and members of the Bright Moments Community can work to appoint certain delegates to represent the community and the DAO.
  • Bright Opportunities will explore ways to purchase NFTs currently held by the Bright Moments DAO, for preservation and diversification
  • The Bright Moments community benefits from this investment DAO through support of NFT-related projects that are created within–or supported by–participants of the Bright Moments ecosystem
  • Bright Moments artists will benefit from a dedicated investment DAO that is committed to collecting, preserving, and holding their work
  • Because the Bright Moments DAO will be an active member of the Bright Opportunities DAO, the ecosystem will have greater resources at its disposal, while at the same time aligning incentives and providing opportunities for value creation for everyone
  • And, of course, Bright Opportunities DAO will benefit from the alpha that Bright Moments generates from the DAO’s engagement and support of the broader collectible and NFT art landscape, as evidenced, for example by the grails, such as the Tyler Hobbs’ Incomplete Control, held in the Bright Moments treasury.

Unlocking Value With Sub-DAOs

At Bright Moments we are constantly looking for ways to add value to the community treasury and have identified several areas where sub-DAOs may unlock additional value and help Bright Moments focus exclusively on its core mission to create unforgettable IRL minting experiences.

Some of the value that we can unlock through new sub-DAOs include:

  • NFTs that we hold in our Treasury (including an Incomplete Control, Chromie Squiggle, and a Crypto Punk)
  • Web3 ticketing software for managing IRL minting experiences
  • NFT display technology for easy curation of on-chain art experiences in galleries, and at home
  • Crypto Citizen content IP and programming as framework for a decentralized NFT entertainment studio.

Each of these areas represent existing value within Bright Moments that can be unlocked for Crypto Citizens through the evolution of new DAO structures.

How to Participate in the Bright Opportunities DAO

On March 28th we will take a snapshot of all Crypto Citizens for eligibility to submit an application, and will open up for applications the next day on March 29th.

The Bright Opportunities DAO will begin accepting contributions from approved members on April 11th.

Individual members who meet the accreditation and compliance criteria can join by contributing 20 ETH for up to 100,000 tokens in the DAO, up to a limit of 900,000 tokens. (And please note that these tokens will initially only be transferable between Bright Opportunities DAO members).

If you meet the accreditation and compliance criteria and are interested in participating in Bright Opportunities DAO, please indicate your interest here.

We are proud and excited that you are on this journey with us as we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of how DAOs can be structured, and how they can unlock value for their communities of members.

Thank You! See you in Berlin!

- the Bright Moments Team

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