Introducing the Bright Moments Artist-In-Residence Program

The Bright Moments Residence Series is a web3 artist-in-residence program. The goal of the series is to provide an accessible way for IRL gallery visitors to mint generative art and empower our residence artists to present experimental projects in a novel way: minted and revealed IRL at Bright Moments galleries around the world.

Bright Moments started in Venice Beach by giving away our DAO membership token, the CryptoVenetians, for free. The beginning of the project is very close to our hearts and we hope to continue the magic of introducing people to the world of generative art.

Residence Series collections are open-edition and can only be minted IRL at a Bright Moments gallery.

Residence artists receive:

  • Technical support and upfront funding to launch their generative project on the Bright Moments Art Blocks Engine contract

  • A featured IRL spotlight event at their local Bright Moments gallery

  • Access to the Bright Moments Core Discord to connect with other featured artists and past alumni

  • Marketing support and featured placement on the Bright Moments website

  • Access to the Bright Moments CryptoCitizens community of holders and generative art collectors

  • Sales support in structuring bulk sales for larger events with an IRL minting component

We’re proud to launch this series based on the success of our first Residence artist, fingacode. His project translucent panes was incubated as a Residence Series collection in July during our time in London and we hope to expand this model to all of our galleries.

Our next Residence artist, Julian Hespenheide, is based out of Berlin and will be releasing his work KERNELS through Bright Moments. Julian is a German designer in the field of Interaction Design. In his work, he creates compelling complex installations to tell peculiar stories about the digital and opens a discussion space in the analog sphere. His work emphasizes on converging the digital with design, art, science, and technology to create novel concepts and a better understanding of the future.


KERNELS will be available to mint IRL throughout the month of September at any Bright Moments location. Once the month is over, minting will conclude and the final collection size will be fixed. The cost of each mint is 0.1 ETH.

If you’re interested in collecting work or becoming a Residence Series artist, please join the Bright Moments Discord and follow us on Twitter.

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