Edition Price
All NFTs have been sold.
Edition sold out at 1 ETH. In a Dutch Auction, the edition price decreases every five minutes until all NFTs are sold.
Total raised
54.25 ETH

A Golden Token | Reflections (GTRF) NFT provides you with a claim to mint a generative Reflections NFT art piece. You can only mint once and must be in-person (IRL) at Bright Moments Gallery in New York, NY during the November 18th, 2021 minting event.

Reflections is an Art Blocks Playground project by Jeff Davis that binds collectors to the generative work at the moment of its creation by revealing and minting the 100 pieces individually in-person (IRL) at Bright Moments.

A GTRF NFT is not redeemable for a Reflections NFT after 11/18/2021. See more details here: https://www.brightmoments.io/reflections

50 Collectors
1.5 ETH

How to Purchase

  1. On this web page, connect your wallet and click “Purchase”
  2. Through the smart contract on Etherscan here

Please note that minting through Etherscan is for experts only. Below are instructions for using Etherscan:

  1. Go to the smart contract here
  2. Click "Connect to Web3" to connect your wallet
  3. Find write option #2 "bid", expand the menu
  4. Enter the ETH amount (i.e. 2) in the bid amount field
  5. Click the "Write" button and confirm the transaction in your wallet

Purchase Reminders

  1. Please only purchase a GTRF in the dutch auction at a price you would be happy to own the art, and at a price you can afford.
  2. Dutch auction price levels take into consideration:
    1. Pricing the starting level above where the mint price should settle, which allows for price discovery and helps mitigate gas wars
    2. Recent secondary activity by Jeff Davis
  3. By clicking Purchase, you are agreeing to the sellers terms of service available here: https://docs.brightmoments.io/bright-moments-events/reflections
  4. Reminder only one IRL mint is allowed per person. If you plan to attend the event with more than one GTRF, someone you trust will need to mint from their own ETH wallet and device.
  5. Lastly, test that you are able to connect your ETH wallet before you are ready to purchase.

Disclaimer: Minting is for experienced users. Your transaction may fail, resulting in a loss of gas. If you choose to mint directly from the smart contract you introduce additional risk.