Introducing CryptoBerliners

Official Drop Link | Friday, Nov 19 12 PM ET

On Friday, November 19th, Bright Moments will be introducing the CryptoNewBerliners collection by releasing 200 Golden Token Berlin (GTBR) minting spots. Holders of the GTBR ERC-721 token will be entitled to schedule a IRL-only minting session during Spring 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

CryptoBerliners will be a 1000 Art Blocks generative art NFT collection, minted in-person (IRL) only at Bright Moments Gallery in Berlin. This collection will be expanding the Bright Moments DAO to 4,000 CryptoCitizens and will be our 3rd city expansion.

In order to mint a CryptoBerliner, you must hold a Golden Token Berlin (GTBR) NFT that provides you with a claim to mint a CryptoBerliner NFT. You can only mint once and must be in-person (IRL) at Bright Moments Gallery in Berlin, Germany during the spring of 2022.

For each new city we enter, starting with CryptoBerliners, we will be distributing 1,000 Golden Tokens to mint as follows:

  • 334/1000 will be reserved for the local IRL community
  • 333/1000 will be distributed to existing CryptoCitizens probabilistically
  • 333/1000 will be sold to fund the project roadmap

As we start the next chapter of CryptoBerliners, we encourage all those interested in expanding our vision to get involved.

200 Golden Tokens Drop on Nov 19

On November 19, 200 Golden Tokens (GTBR) will be available for purchase through a dutch auction hosted through the platform. The dutch auction will conducted as follows:

  • Auction Start Time: Nov 19, 2021 at 12:00 PM ET
  • Tokens Available for Purchase: 200
  • Auction Duration: 240 blocks or approximately 60 minutes
  • Price Decline Intervals: 20 blocks or approximately 5 minutes
  • Purchase Limit: 1 purchase per ETH address
  • Starting Price: 10 ETH
  • Ending Price: 2 ETH

We will be making announcements and providing live updates on the drop on Twitter and in our Discord server:

- Bright Moments DAO

Golden Token Berlin
Golden Token Berlin

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