CryptoCitizens Golden Token Berlin Airdrop
January 7th, 2022

Congratulations to the 333 CryptoCitizens that will receive a Golden Token Berlin to mint a CryptoBerliner this April at the Kraftwerk IRL event.

If your CryptoCitizen won, you must claim your Golden Token Berlin NFT below before the claim window closes. If there are unclaimed Golden Tokens, then a standby list will be used to create the next airdrop group. Below are the claim windows for each airdrop group.

  • Airdrop #1: 1/05 to 1/21
  • Airdrop #2: 1/24 to 2/4

Airdrop #2 Winners

Airdrop RCS

The following steps were followed to conduct the January 7th airdrop using our Random Collector Selector (RCS) smart contract via Chainlink.

  1. Snapshot: A CryptoCitizen token holder snapshot was taken at January 5th 12 PM PT.

  2. Snapshot Data: Token holder snapshot can be independently verified and has been uploaded to IPFS at this hash: QmQVcTWQTGGsqnRzkzzwFToSWMDJocXSJQ2WsS9DbZiTdV

  3. Generate Random Number: This smart contract was used to generate 1000 random numbers using Chainlink VFR (Verifiable Random Function). The output of this on-chain transaction can be verified on Etherscan here:

  4. Lookup Winners: Each generated number in step 3 was mapped to index number for each CryptoCitizen tokenID in the snapshot data found on IPFS in step 1. The first 333 matches are the winning TokenIDs.

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