Less than one month until the first Berlin mint...
March 12th, 2022
NFT Art Berlin: Bright Moments @ Kraftwerk April 6-23
NFT Art Berlin: Bright Moments @ Kraftwerk April 6-23

Bright Moments @ Kraftwerk

NFT Art Berlin is an extraordinary synthesis of art and electronic music that the Bright Moments DAO will present inside of Berlin’s iconic former power plant Kraftwerk. Every night, hundreds of new NFTs will be minted and revealed to a live audience in a monumental setting. The evening will climax with an audiovisual techno crypto symphony. Come join us, and lose yourself in the world of NFTs!

Here is what you need to know about minting CryptoBerliners, the Berlin Collection drop, and our NFT Art Berlin experience:



CryptoBerliners are part of the CryptoCitizen collection, which encapsulates 10 cities into one PFP collection. CryptoBerliners can only be minted IRL at NFT Art Berlin, and each one entitles the holder to membership in the Bright Moments DAO. There will only be 1,000 CryptoBerliners minted over the course of 10 nights, and for the first time ever each mint will be accompanied by generative electronic music.

Click here to buy your CryptoBerliner Mint Pass

Berlin Collection
Berlin Collection


The Berlin Collection represents 10 of our favorite artists, who will each be releasing a series of 100 NFTs on one of the 10 nights at Kraftwerk. In order to mint one or more of these NFTs:

  • Mint Pack: Collect them all. If you want to mint all 10 artists, you can purchase a Mint Pack for 5 ETH

  • Individual Mint Passes: individual Mint Passes are also being dropped for each of the 10 artists:

    • Art Blocks Generative Artist at 0.5 ETH
    • Featured NFT Artist at 0.25 ETH
  • The Berlin Collection Mint Pass drop will begin Wednesday, March 16 at 9:00a pt (exclusive 24-hr purchase window for all CryptoCitizen (and GTBR) holders)

  • Holding a Berlin Mint Pass allows you to mint a Berlin Collection artist drop of your choosing (before they are gone), and includes one GA ticket to attend Kraftwerk on your chosen night.

  • Although we prefer everyone to join us IRL in Berlin, surrogate minting is available for all holders of Berlin Collection Mint Passes.

  • 10% of all primary sales will be donated to Ukraine humanitarian relief efforts

    Click here to purchase your Berlin Collection mint pass

Berlin Curated
Berlin Curated


NFT Art Galleries: our curators have organized the entire ground floor of Kraftwerk into a massive series of exhibitions covering the past, present and future of NFT Art.

This will be free and open to the public from 12-4p every one of the 10 days.

  • The History of NFT Art: 2016-2022: from Crypto Kitties to Cool Cats, and everything in between: Punks, Apes, Ringers, Beeple, Pak, XCopy, and more.
  • Curated Collection: Show of Contemporary NFT Artists, including Tom Sachs, Viktoria Modesta, Justin Aversano, Pussy Riot, IX Shells, Jesse Draxler, Panther Modern, Trippy, Loudsqueak, Andrew Benson, Yoshi Sodeoka, Chris Dorland and more.
  • Bright Moments: Survey of our past shows and collections: Rituals (Penne/Boreta), Portals & Reflections (Jeff Davis), Incomplete Control (Tyler Hobbs), CryptoVenetians, CryptoNewYorkers, CryptoGalacticans (Qian Qian)
  • NFTs on Demand: On-Demand NFT Viewing Booths

Please join us in Berlin.

You may never have a chance to experience NFTs like this again!

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