CryptoCitizens Mint Pack Drop | Jan 14
Bright Moments
January 10th, 2022

Auction is live at 12 PM PT at link below:

This Friday, Jan 14 at 12 PM PT, Bright Moments is dropping 50 Mint Packs through a dutch auction. A Mint Pack is a single NFT that when redeemed, unlocks 6 Founding Citizen Golden Tokens (FCGT) for City 5 -10 and 1 CryptoGalactican mint. Founding Citizen Golden Token holders will have preferential scheduling for the first 50 mints of the city's collection during an exclusive opening night event.

The Mint Pack drop solidifies our commitment to grow the Bright Moments DAO to 10,000 CryptoCitizens by the end of 2023. Additionally, the Mint Pack rewards the holder with one CryptoGalactican mint, giving the holder the ability to mint a CryptoCitizen from all 10 locations.

CryptoGalactican #1 - Minted by Snowfro
CryptoGalactican #1 - Minted by Snowfro

Starting with City 5, minted CryptoCitizen holders will vote on the selection of each city’s location. The DAO vote for the location of City 5 will be on January 28th.

Each new city will be a 1000 piece generative art NFT collection Powered by Art Blocks and minted in-person (IRL) only at Bright Moments gallery. Next Friday’s Mint Pack drop provides a way to lock in a guaranteed mint in each future city as well as the ability to mint a Galactican.

The dutch auction will be conducted as follows:

  • Tokens Available for Purchase: 50
  • Date: Friday, Jan 14 12:00 PM PT
  • Auction Duration: 200 blocks or approximately 60 minutes
  • Price Decline Intervals: 20 blocks or approximately 5 minutes
  • Starting Price: 20 ETH
  • Ending Price: 8 ETH

We will be making announcements and providing live updates on the drop on Twitter and in our Discord server:

- Bright Moments DAO

After hearing feedback from our community, we have decided to change the mechanism of this drop. As result the original publication on Jan 4th has been updated to reflect the Mint Pack drop. The Jan 4th version of this publication can be viewed here for reference and transparency.

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