August 28th, 2021

Aaron Penne x Boreta @ Bright Moments
Aaron Penne x Boreta @ Bright Moments

a collaboration of Aaron Penne, Boreta, and Bright Moments

Note: The direct sale of 120 GTNY (Golden Token: New York) was completed on August 30. If you wish to buy a live IRL minting slot to RITUALS, you can do so in the secondary market on OpenSea here.

RITUALS binds collectors to the artwork at the moment of creation. Each expression of our generative algorithm provides a unique window into the same parametric universe, a reminder that while each of us is different,  we are also the same. The visuals and music weave an infinitely shifting experience, permanently etched on to the blockchain.

Of the 1,000 RITUALS that will be minted on ArtBlocks, the first 200 will be done exclusively IRL at Bright Moments NFT Gallery in Venice Beach.  These 200 physical experiences will be recognized on-chain (and with a visual watermark), that will forever link these decentralized ERC-721 smart contracts with the central role of the collector as a physical being, in a certain space, at a specific moment in time.

For those joining us for the RITUALS weekend, we are working with some of the most creative chefs, musicians, designers, and mindfulness practitioners that LA has to offer.

  • A 50-Hour Live Minting Marathon, with 200 continuous 15-minute IRL experiences.
  • Friday Afternoon Sep 24 - Sunday Evening, Sep 26 @ Bright Moments, 62 Windward Ave, Venice, California
  • ArtBlocks Factory edition of 1,000 NFTs = 200 IRL + 800 online mints
  • 120 IRL tickets (GTRV = Golden Token: Rituals Venice) will go on sale for 2 ETH each tomorrow, Mon Aug 30 at 9am PT / noon ET
  • 800 online mints will be available starting Sun Sep 26 at 7p PT / 10p ET, pricing TBD.
  • Holders of GTRV will receive random IRL minting slots between #0-199, (which they can swap with other holders in a token-gated Discord channel).
  • Regardless of when you mint, in order to have the richest emotional experience possible, we encourage you to join us Friday and Sunday for dinner.


  • Before: Friday, Sep 24, 4pm PT: Prior to minting, we will host a late afternoon meal on the Windward Ave patio for the 200 holders of GTRV. Everybody will have a name tag that displays which slot they will be minting (ie #0 Friday 5pm… #100 Saturday 6pm… #199 Sunday 7:45pm, etc…). Food by Travis Lett (Gjusta, Gjelina, MTN), music by Carlos Niño.
  • During: Fri, Sep 24, 5p - Sun, Sep 26, 7pm PT Continuous series of 200, 15-minute live minting experiences. During each session, visitors will have an intimate, meditative opportunity to relax, set their intention and generate an original audio / visual experience that is revealed in the gallery (and which they will own as an ArtBlocks NFT in their ETH wallet). We ask everyone to bring something meaningful to them, and set it on the collective altar for the weekend. There will be tea and fruit available for visitors in the gallery, and light food and drinks for visitors and their guests on the patio.
  • After: Sun, Sep 26, 7pm PT Upon the final mint, we will reconvene on the Windward patio, having all experienced RITUALS in the gallery, and all of us changed somehow by it. We will also experience the 800 online RITUALS being minted in real time by others online across the world. Food by Travis Lett, music by Carlos Niño.


We are excited to release minting times for the upcoming RITUALS drop. Before we do, a few reminders:

  • Your minting time was chosen randomly. The script was written by Aaron Penne personally and is determined by fate, much like your future mints. You can watch the process here: https://streamable.com/zpv649
  • Your minting time is tied to your token ID. This is very important, because it means that to get a new minting time you need to swap tokens with someone else. If you choose to trade tickets we recommend using a tool like https://sudoswap.xyz/.
  • Please plan to arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled minting time to make sure we stay on-time and on-track. As you can see, we have a very tight timeline 🙂

If you plan to swap GTRV with another holder, please remember to NEVER accept unsolicited DMs or to click on links that have not been vetted by the team. We are not responsible for the loss of your token through trading, so please please please be careful.

With that being said, feel free to use the Bright Moments Discord sever to coordinate swaps. Under no circumstances should you send your ticket directly to someone you don't know.

Happy minting!

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