Recovered CryptoVenetian Airdrop
February 18th, 2022

Congratulations to the 80 CryptoGalacticans that will receive a recovered CryptoVenetian.

In December, BRT holders voted on proposal BRT-3 to distribute the recovered Venetians. As part of that distribution, 80 CryptoVenetians were reserved for airdrop to CryptoGalactican holders.

Bright Moments used our Random Collector Selector process (detailed below) to determine the CryptoGalactican token ids selected to receive a CryptoVenetian. 37 unique wallets are eligible to claim a CryptoVenetian.*

We will be airdropping CryptoVenetians to all winning wallets. Before initiating the airdrop, a member of the Bright Moments team will reach out to confirm that the wallet is still active. If there are unclaimed CryptoVenetians, then a standby list will be used to create the next airdrop group. The claim window closes at 12p PST on 3/4.

Below is the list of winning wallets:

0x1040259f6Fe4f1C6ed1044b9Df6a8A4eBD2d3511 0xa4684E3140E374d248deFEC5Ea6812f9Ee250DAd 0x231595E3673a10e846803194f4982E1CF3389161 0xdA4A3FE9a95A23176287cCDe74b032Ef22A93250 0x83c49e0D498404a7872A0795491Ef2845cAC8940 0x868612a4E2eF875f69987C07B1e8134dAC6b2C7F 0xbd080863995b7De1b2A7619157Fa1c3d8bB97571 0xabe4D124548E50F6101714B9eaFe7f8cc8809064 0x8c7955494c3C27a598dB3E7bBcC6737E8AD7108F 0xbc4eB12083E7502D7fb46Deb26c1B76d964420f5 0x8191cEDD4086750BCaE59D25151070Fb9AE5c37a 0xE68596603d6cA371B1a6e264d4F20645822a018b 0x4Aa23d4684ddc1D97D777FacdE06aa85E69bBb66 0xB96E81f80b3AEEf65CB6d0E280b15FD5DBE71937 0xe33173117612D12c368925AFD4231fCE32ADE8FE 0x5B93FF82faaF241c15997ea3975419DDDd8362c5 0x3C9f28d9495558AC10f50065F78507c78503c4f0 0xf73F9bf2FbDA0DfCa6eB159D3f91149B2EB79b1D 0xf50123573C02ABb33Aa100D0AC1A49481F9e0EdD 0x13fbD199F6dE23200d8Fb9bF7059c00751b172E1 0x1B6ac2193A30Cd2fB0F4cE6Cc1F9D79c120f3430 0xBb3F043290841B97b9C92F6Bc001a020D4B33255 0xF5D3bB01d97efE9080D1367C73A7F28a6416DEdC 0x1b672E08C3CC6486b1C01D1114D5CeD3c5682882 0x3903F00633a5d9DC3Ad39593ad16950F98139e06 0xCBACd084174D920dFE0a0E46DC516bf116C7eB9a 0xa453CAA280985F64c77Af9A3Fd03f701be80D39D 0x032F0F0566353A9aD3c5BC12E95A5313b9340565 0xAB283F9A0B4781a6B85ee961540568A77cA2613D 0x636EDa86F6EC324347Bd560c1045192586b9DEE8 0x5932221470936e5c845A93bB2b6AC3396f2863Ba 0x3De67F642a5D7666b629d2dfCa43123972d593c5 0x14ae8100Ea85a11bbb36578f83AB1b5C1cFDd61c 0x86e961b630c134AE71Fa99A40C1aefeC391862e5 0x2Cb5Ae51861A4a6E8568b527cAFC3891317Ac94d 0x0566295Faf52797D4A29e5B78bf28E287E4cA2DA 0x0966172599976682De7FB5b2a0cB4b375F664BD9

*Distribution was determined based on CryptoGalactican token id. Wallets holding more than one CryptoGalactican may be eligible to claim multiple CryptoVenetians.

Airdrop RCS

The following steps were followed to conduct the February 15th random selection of CryptoVenetian winners using our Random Collector Selector (RCS) smart contract via Chainlink.

  1. Snapshot: A CryptoCitizen token holder snapshot was taken at February 15th 2 PM PT.

  2. Snapshot Data: Token holder snapshot can be independently verified and has been uploaded to IPFS at this hash: QmVhsyuFBkbWozHNhVonn55NJgC8NHRWuMQJcbxtuZMJ8A

  3. Generate Random Number: This smart contract was used to generate 1000 random numbers using Chainlink VFR (Verifiable Random Function). The output of this on-chain transaction can be verified on Etherscan here:

    TX Hash: 0x8f7aaff1df4c28411319a3b8d612a4705a4ad9414b05da14ef9fd95bd88bd91c

  4. Lookup Winners: Each generated number in step 3 was mapped to index number for each CryptoGalactican tokenID in the snapshot data found on IPFS in step 1.** The first 80 matches are the winning TokenIDs.

**The Chainlink VRF output begins at 1 (e.g. if 1 is on the output, CG 0 won)

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