On Governing the Bright Moments DAO as a Collection of 10k NFTs

CryptoCitizens, it’s time to vote.

Beginning with the first CryptoCitizen minted at Bright Moments in Venice Beach, the community has grown, person by person, one generative reveal at a time. Throughout this process, it’s been clear that the talent, passion, and creativity within our community is our most valuable resource.

In order to unlock this potential, CryptoCitizens must become members of the Bright Moments DAO.

This means expanding membership in the DAO to include all present and future holders of CryptoCitizen NFTs. It means developing a governance system that enables us to make collective decisions. It means minting 10,000 CryptoCitizens, together and in-person, over the next two years.

It means starting now.

Two votes are taking place today:

  1. Ratifying CryptoCitizens as members of the DAO. This enables collective ownership and decision making, including the right to decide where future CryptoCitizens will be minted.
  2. Deciding the location of the next city in the Bright Moments roadmap: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, or Lisbon

There is no playbook for what we’re doing. We will need to develop new structures that bridge on-chain and off-chain systems to fairly represent the ownership and governance rights of our CryptoCitizen community.

Many DAOs operate entirely within the digital world, but Bright Moments is unique due to our location based roadmap and focus on developing local IRL communities. This is important because it sets the groundwork for a community-led project with a significant off-chain component.

If you are a CryptoCitizen we encourage you to exercise your right to vote today. If you aren’t a CryptoCitizen yet but want to get involved, you can learn more about the project at brightmoments.io/governance.

Our roadmap is just getting started. Over the next two years, Bright Moments will mint 10,000 CryptoCitizens IRL across the world. At every step along the way we will look to our community for guidance on how to make sure the process is fair and inclusive of the cultures we are representing.

We can’t wait to see where you take us.


Thank you to jbird.eth, goldsteins.eth, sloss.eth, coopahtroopa.eth, benjacobs.eth, Aaron Wright, greyduck.eth, derekedws.eth, and the entire CryptoCitizen community for contributing to drafts of this post.

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