Art Blocks and Bright Moments Announce Partnership Series That Brings Together Physical and Digital Worlds Through One Cohesive Experience

(Venice Beach, CA) Today, Art Blocks and Bright Moments announce a new collaboration that will include a series of NFT releases on Art Blocks, coupled with Bright Moment’s iconic minting experiences. Art Blocks and Bright Moments will work together to create new ways for collectors to mint and reveal generative art in the real world.

Art Blocks x Bright Moments will curate artists, and provide them with access to Art Blocks minting technologies and Bright Moments IRL minting experience at physical galleries. Works from each project launched as part of the partnership will simultaneously be revealed on Art Blocks and have a unique in-person minting component through Bright Moments experiences around the world. This is the first crypto native global gallery partnership to formulate around a new kind of collecting experience, where artists and communities co-create an art form that is pushing the boundaries of ownership, provenance, and collecting

The first collaborative release will be Metropolis by mpkoz. Metropolis is a long-form generative art collection exploring the node-based systems that enable modern society. These literal and theoretical systems are critical to computing, blockchains, logistics, and more specifically, the formation of cities. Metropolis will feature on-chain traits tied to each of the Bright Moments locations around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, and Mexico City.  Collectors will be able to mint a second “diptych” NFT in the city referenced by their initial mint.

Bright Moments partnership with Art Blocks underscores a commitment to expand what’s possible with generative art. Together, the two organizations will offer unique and immersive experiences that transcend the digital and physical worlds for collectors, artists and enthusiasts alike. Art Blocks X Bright Moments is the second partnership in the Art Blocks Collaboration collection. In 2022, Art Blocks formally announced a joint venture with Pace Gallery.

Seth: “Bright Moments was born from the pandemic, when we were stuck behind screens at home.  We imagined a new kind of physical art gallery that would create and connect communities around the world through the power of on-chain generative art. We have used ArtBlocks technology as the foundation for our IRL minting since we started.  This new collaboration is an opportunity for us to take everything we have learned and create some truly remarkable art experiences.”

About mpkoz

Michael Kozlowski is an American media artist and software developer. His primary interests are real-time graphics, mixed reality, and interactivity.

As immersive technology becomes more prevalent, traditional two-dimensional video will concede its monopoly on our experience of digital media. Michael is interested in this middle ground—the awkward but often beautiful transition of media as it crosses from two to three dimensions. Most of his work incorporates the input of live or prerecorded two-dimensional video and physical interaction, which is processed and transformed in real-time. He makes video, digital sculptures, and software applications.

Michael attended the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

About Art Blocks

Art Blocks is a first-of-its-kind generative art platform stored on the ETH blockchain.

The company is dedicated to bringing compelling works of contemporary generative art to life. We unite artists, collectors, and blockchain technology in service of groundbreaking artwork and remarkable experiences.

About Bright Moments

Bright Moments is an NFT art collective that creates IRL minting experiences around the world, where artists and collectors witness the birth of generative art together.

Organized as a DAO, Bright Moments is on a journey to mint 10,000 CryptoCitizens and bring together an international community of collectors through immersive generative experiences.

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